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02 March 2015

A couple of weeks ago a BigAirBag (Freestyle 15x9m) was placed in the Knardal Funpark, Norway. The BigAirBag is nicely printed with the name of Knardal Funpark on the top sheet. On the side sheets the sponsor Vanning, a Norwegian company that specializes in the irrigation of your garden, is displayed.

Knardal Funpark is the place for all ages to do various sorts of outdoor activities. From skating to practicing your BMX skills, everything is possible at Knardal Funpark. Therefore the coming of the BigAirBag to Norway is a perfect fit.

The BigAirbag is currently being used a lot by enthusiastic visitors of the Funpark. A couple of experiences from Knardal Funpark with the BigAirBag:

“ Installing the BigAirBag, amazing experience!”

“ Magical evening in the park today with a lot of snow and enthusiastic kids who had fun with the BigAirBag”

Keep up the good work there at Knardal Funpark with the BigAirBag! For the rest of you who are reading this, make sure to check out Knardal Funpark and experience the BigAirBag for yourself when you’re in Norway!


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