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Under the slogan “redefine your limits” BigAirBag® has blurred the lines between imagination and reality by developing fully customizable, safe and highly durable airbag training platforms which allow athletes and enthusiasts to explore beyond established physical and mental boundaries.

The Landing BigAirBag® is has revolutuinized the face of freestyle action sports across all disciplines. The firmness or softness can be adjusted very accurately to suit any stage of progression or ability level. As the athlete progresses and their confidence grows, the firmness can gradually be increased to emulate a real landing.

  • Professional consultation for pro setups
  • High performance products by athletes, for athletes
  • Involve sponsors with unlimited branding options
  • On-going support and product development fuelled by athlete input
  • Adjustable pressure to tune to athlete performance and preference

How athletes accelerate their progression and trick difficulty


Deeply rooted in the freestyle and action sports community, BigAirBag® has become world renowned for its strong work ethic, attention to detail, innovative manufacturing capability and the durability of its product range.

  • Fully customizable to your needs
  • High innovaton level in our Amsterdam Innovation Lab
  • On-going support and development


Action sports events are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Take your event to the next level with our products. Not only does a BigAirBag® take away the mental fear of athletes and lets them perform at a higher level. The amount of time and money you save on setting up, breaking down, and transport is incredible!

  • Create a crowd magnet
  • Attract sponsors with interactive branding
  • Phenomenal shows, maximum safety

Sports brands

Connecting your brand to an action sports event or athlete can have enormous impact on your marketing. Action sports athletes live for pushing their boundaries and landing world’s first tricks that are guaranteed to go viral. BigAirBag® helps athletes redefine the limits by taking away fear of injury.

  • Engage your customer with an interactive billboard
  • Go viral – Athletes create content that travels at the speed of light
  • Unlimited branding options

Learn how athletes and brands can help each other progress

Improve your skills, branding , or event with the world best tricks


Trusted by companies and athletes worldwide

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Meet the Landing

  • Adjustable impact zone
  • Ride-away Topsheet technology
  • Realistic landing
  • Fully customizable design
  • Branding that attracts a crowd

“The impact on a normal FMX Landing is really hard. So the biggest advantage is that the airbag makes the landing way smoother. After training on it for so long, I don't want to miss it anymore!"

Luc AckermannProfessional FMX Rider - X Games gold medallist

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