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Upgrade your trampoline park with the No.1 selling trampoline airbag! Ensure maximum safety and excitement for your customers with our high quality and fully customisable airbags.

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We are the Trampoline airbag Attraction Specialist

Indoor adventure parks and trampoline parks are ditching their dusty trampoline park foam pits and replacing them with our more cost efficient and hygienic solution.

The Air Pit BigAirBag® is an in-ground highly durable trampoline airbag designed to cope with multiple simultaneous landings from up to 8 meters above ground level. This in-ground model is the most durable, reliable, and safe alternative to traditional foam pits on the market.

  • No dust or toxic foam in your facility
  • Quality first: No unexpected monthly costs with replaceable pillars
  • Low maintenance: turn on the blowers and let the fun begin
  • Custom built and designed for your facility
  • International certified for quality and safety

How to create unique and unforgettable attractions that appeal to all age groups

Park owner & Park manager

Is the maintenance of your trampoline park foam pit costing you hours of labor and thousands in top-ups? Or do you need a crowd attractor for your park? BigAirBag® specialists can help you create unique and unforgettable attractions that appeal to all age groups and target markets.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Blacklight topsheets
  • Jump safely

Park builder & Reseller

Diversity in activities will take your projects to new heights. Also, with the downsides of foam pits: unhygienic, unsafe, and hard to maintain, it pays to have the right alternative in your portfolio.

  • Custom built to your project
  • Internationally certified for quality and safety
  • Unrivalled durability

How to save time and money for your park

Find out how to create a more cost efficient business


BigAirBag Pressure Alarm - Increase Safety at Your Park

The BigAirBag pressure alarm has been designed to enhance safety at your trampoline or adventure park while maintaining convenience. It ensures that regulations are met while preserving the functionality of your airbag. The BigAirBag pressure alarm provides visual and audible warnings when the pressure reaches an unsafe level.

The airbag pressure alarm is user-friendly and compatible with any device of your choice. You can easily customise the pressure level on your handheld or computer device. Additionally, the airbag pressure alarm is equipped with an extra battery for peace of mind. Safe. Compliant. Customisable. No Doubt.

  • Always Safe: Audio and visual warnings in case of pressure failure.
  • Compliant: Exceed industry requirements (ISO 23659:2022) with a robust safety monitoring system.
  • Customisable: Tailor your system with alarm delay to ensure it only goes off when needed.
  • No Doubt: Built-in backup battery to ensure you can run your park without a doubt.
  • Mobile Management: Stay in control with real-time monitoring and customisation.”

Trusted by companies and athletes worldwide

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Meet the BigAirBag® Air Pit

  • Simultaneous landings possible
  • Anti-bacterial topsheets
  • Custom built to your facility
  • Easy to maintain: no more fluffing of foam
  • The highest quality materials sourced globally

"I don’t have to worry about the BigAirBag®. So many people fall on it, and I know it’s doing its job. The BigAirBag® has been a great experience overall for everyone.”

Brian ClarkGeneral Manager - Spartan Adventure Park

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