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The Ultimate In-Ground Landing Airbag for Gymnasts

The BigAirBag Gym Pit is meticulously designed for the apex of gymnastic training. Featuring strengthened side walls for centralized safety, a 10cm thick Foam Topper with Stretch Jersey for stable landings, it’s engineered for precision and excellence.

The regulative softness with above-ground control ensures a perfect landing spot every time, while the innovative Lift Kit allows for customized training height adjustments. And with the essential Pressure Alarm system, maintain optimal airbag pressure for peak safety and compliance.

  • Stable Landings: A 10cm thick Foam Topper with a Stretch Jersey delivers stable horizontal moments for recognizable landings.
  • Customized Training: The Lift Kit offers adjustable height for methodical training, allowing you to customize your training experience.
  • Precision Landing: Regulative Softness with Above-Ground Control ensures the perfect landing spot every time.
  • Ultimate Comfort: The Soft Touch Topsheet enhances your training comfort for a superior experience.
10cm Foam Topped Gm Pit from BigAirBag

Stable Landings

A 10cm thick Foam Topper with a Stretch Jersey delivers stable horizontal moments for recognizable landings.

Raised AirBag for Gymnastics Training

Lift Kit

The Lift Kit offers adjustable height for methodical training, allowing you to customize your training experience.

Splitbars over Gym Pit airbag.

Above Ground Pressure Control

Above-Ground Control ensures the perfect landing every time.

From Aerial Awareness to Show-Stopping Routines

  • Stiffened Air Perimeter
  • No Monthly Pillar Replacements
  • Above Ground Control
  • International certified for quality and safety

Adjustable softness and firmness

Transform your training sessions with the ease of above-ground pressure and lift kit controls. With just a flick of a switch, tailor the Gym Pit to suit each unique session. Say goodbye to the days of hauling heavy foam mats across the gym—now you can instantly adapt the Gym Pit to meet your needs seamlessly.

Fully customizable size, shape and design

Tailored to perfection, the Gym Pit is hand-crafted to fit your center’s unique dimensions and training styles. We collaborate closely with you to design a solution that aligns precisely with your vision, ensuring that each Gym Pit is as individual as your gymnastics program.

TÜV and Vinçotte certified
Our products are internationally certified for quality and safety by both the TÜV and Vincotte.
Conform EU and US safety regulations
EN-14960 certified and conform the US safety regulations set out by the ASTM.

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"We love how the Gym Pit can easily change settings, creating an extremely soft landing for new skills, but also a more firm landing when the gymnasts are closer to getting a skill. We are so happy with our decision!”

Mandy GrahnSynergy Gymnastics PA

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