The Snow Landing ski and snowboard airbag is for athletes of all levels

Our Snow Landing is the ultimate tool for snowboarders and skiers looking to minimise the risks of injury while pushing their limits. Whether you’re using it for snowboard freestyle practice or ski jump practice, the Snow Landing airbag has got you covered.

The Snow Landing features 1 impact absorbing air chamber, a safety ring, and a closed end for a realistic & safe landing,

Featuring a single chamber impact absorbing system and its own internal blower system. It comes with multiple air valves which allow you to adjust the firmness precisely. Set up a soft chamber when trying tricks for the first time. Ready for the real deal? Set the chamber more firm and get ready to ride out those tricks in style and progress quicker than ever before!

  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Safety ring and closed end for easy operation and optimal user safety
  • Create a crowd magnet
  • Unlimited branding possibilities

Ride away topsheet technology

The highly advanced Topsheet material combines strength, durability, flexibility and elasticity. It is neither grippy, nor abrasive, allowing you to land and ride away safely. If you’re looking for a ski jump airbag or snowboard airbag that allows your riders to push their limits while staying safe and in control, then this is the landing airbag for you.

Highly advanced fabrics

We source our materials worldwide, and only the most advanced, flame retardant materials have been incorporated in the Snow Landing to provide you with unrivalled durability, strength, reliability and good looks. Our innovation team handcrafts this airbag to perfection, ensuring every detail is taken care of, to provide you with the most superior product on the market.

Innovative blower system inside

The innovative blower system is enclosed within the airbag providing protection from the elements, reduced noise, and increased safety by eliminating the risk of kinked blower hoses or unwanted access to the blowers themselves. With pressure adjustment technology you can tailor your airbag snowboard and airbag ski landing to perfection.

Not waist-deep powder, but pretty damn close

  • Includes blowers, maintenance kit, and anchoring system
  • 4 year product warranty
  • Internationally certified for safety and quality
  • UV resistant with 5 year color guarantee

Progression for everyone

BigAirBag® helps athletes redefine their limits. We believe that everyone who jumps is an athlete. That’s why we design our products in such a way that you can create a setup for both beginners and pro’s, all with one Snow Landing from BigAirBag®.

Professional consultation

We understand your sport has risk and you want to make sure you build a setup that works for you now and in the future. We can supply a complete setup consultation including trajectory analysis to make sure you get the airtime you want.

TÜV certified
Our products are internationally certified for quality and safety by TÜV Süd
Proud member of the NSAA
Conform EU and US safety regulations
Our products conform to and exceed both the European Union safety regulations for inflatable sports equipment and the US safety standards set out by the ASTM.

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All you need to know about the Snow Landing and more!


When we installed a 50 x 20 meter landing BigAirBag in our snowpark, it instantly set us apart from the surrounding resorts. Word was spread fast by social media and the number of day pass visitors who stayed in surrounding resorts increased significantly in a matter of days.

Kjetil NørstebøGeneral Manager - Uvdal Skisenter (Norway)

Airbags for ski and snowboard progression

BigAirBag® Snow Landing | Jumping for any level!

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