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International team of Big Air Maniacs.

World’s first freestyle airbag company. 4000+ installations worldwide since 2005.

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Driven by passion

Enabling everyone to redefine limits

This is why we do it, why we exist.

We help athletes* to redefine their limits & realize their dreams.

*Everyone can be an athlete

Community driven innovation

How we make this happen.

We work together with the world’s best athletes and brands to transfer these extreme sports experiences into thrilling and unique attractions. We supply you with giant airbags for a guaranteed soft landing resulting in a smile every time you land.

Advanced production facilities

We design, sell, produce and install the best impact attenuating airbags & attractions for Action Sports, Adventure Parks, Winter Sports, Gymnastics and Indoor Adventure Parks.

In order to provide a high level of safety and quality BigAirBag® has invested heavily in developing the most advanced production facility specialised in inflatable sports equipment in Europe.  Precision and accuracy is monitored throughout the production process ensuring that the product you receive is the best in the world.

We are team BigAirBag®

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Professional athletes push their limits

“BigAirBag® helps me to push the boundaries of going big on my BMX bike. Never felt better to crash and know that all will be good when you land.”

Desmond TessemakerProfessional BMX rider
Harry Bink
Levi Sherwood
Luc Ackermann
David Rinaldo
Pat Bowden
Richard Zelinka

BigAirBag® since 2005

Founded in a country without mountains

Some might think that it is weird that a product first used for freestyle snowboarding/skiing was created in Holland. But if you have been riding our indoor slopes, then you will know just how unforgiving the landings there are! Marcel Kraan knew these landings far too well and after years of hard falls, broken bones and injuries, Marcel — an avid snowboard enthusiast from the Netherlands — set his sights on designing a safe training platform for freestyle athletes.

No matter where you are located

Worldwide Premium Service

Regardless of your requirements, BigAirBag® provides seamless customer service from the day you make your initial inquiry to the product installation and beyond. Our products are internationally certified for quality and safety by the TÜV and conform to, and exceed, both the European Union safety regulations for inflatable sports equipment and the US safety standards set out by the ASTM. In order to give you the security you require and a guarantee of the quality and durability of our products we offer a full warranty on all of our products.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about our planet

BigAirBag® commits itself to sustainability. We are constantly developing ways and approaches for a future-oriented way of doing business and a circular economy. That is why we use sustainable industrial textiles in our production process and always think of new ways to re-use residual materials.

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We are based in the city of Amsterdam, the BigAirBag team is made up of a group of dynamic characters who share a passion for leisure activities, freestyle sports and the lifestyle these sports embody. Our team is dedicated to deliver the best possible quality and service to our international customers.We believe in building the strengths of our team members while supporting them to improve on their weaknesses and succeed in both their careers and their personal goals.