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BigAirBag Technician

As technician at BigAirBag you will be supporting all clients and freelance technicians by providing installations or all information about an installation, maintenance & operational training of all BigAirBag products. We’re a small and cheerful team where lines are short. You will contribute to the operational process of installations all around the world. Your main goal is striving for safe installations which will result in happy customers.

Who are we?
BigAirBag is a growing and innovative company that deals with the development & manufacturing of BigAirBag products made from technical textiles for the sport and leisure industry. Think of ski resorts, trampoline parks, extreme sports athletes, or even the fire department. Our products are sold all over the world. Our company employs approximately 17 people on a full-time basis, supplemented by a group of part-timers. The production in Amsterdam is currently run by a team of 3. We have a sales team in Amsterdam and some in other locations in the world. The logistics team is in Amsterdam and that’s where your location will be too.

Position and job description
As technician at BigAirBag you are responsible for installing all BigAirBag products, but also to make sure freelance technicians will install on the same professional quality levels. You will travel all over the world and make sure the BigAirBag’s are installed safely and the client will get a safety and operational training. This is a full-time job based wherever you need to be. You are at the end of the funnel of our customer journey, helping clients to unpack the orders they have usually long been waiting for. This is the ultimate moment to make them successful with our products.

  • Schedule and contact clients to make appointments for a service visit 
  • Become the main expert installation 8 different BigAirBag models
  • Maintain and repair BigAirBag products & sign off inspection logbooks on location
  • Access lifetime expectancy or when an airbag needs to come into the Factory for refurbishment
  • Fill in and sign off service visit forms & maintenance logbooks
  • Spot upselling opportunities for the account managers back at the office
  • Rock the brand by making our clients stoked and successful with their BigAirBag
  • Produce the content we need: photos’s & videos of BigAirBag products installed / in action
  • Prepare and run our events, such as try and buy experiences for new customers
  • You will be the face of BigAirBag

You have:

  • Proven technical background & not afraid to roll up your sleeves
  • Pro active and quick fix solution minded during installations
  • Good understanding of all BigAirBag values: quality, safety, service and fun
  • You can manage clients with a personal touch. People buy from people.
  • Excellent proficiency of the English language, both verbally and in writing
  • You have a proactive work attitude, and you are strong in time management (setting priorities)
  • You have a good dose of positive energy, a team player and no 9 to 5 mentality.
  • You are proficient on a laptop and can work behind the laptop from a car of airplane.
  • A strong service orientation & like to travel

Send us your resume and motivation letter by email: [email protected]
Or contact Esmée van Bruggen via:  0031 6 11143492