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The world’s best gymnastics facilities like Team USA’s centres have realised the demand for a hygienic alternative to traditional loose gymnastic foam pits or require a freestanding portable model.

The Gym Pit BigAirBag® is an in-ground highly durable gymnastic airbag designed to cope with multiple simultaneous landings from up to 8 meters above ground level. This in-ground gymnastic pit model is the most durable, reliable, and safe alternative to traditional foam pits on the market.

  • No dust or toxic foam in your facility
  • Quality first: No unexpected monthly costs with replaceable pillars
  • Low maintenance: turn on the blowers and let the fun begin
  • Custom built and branded for your facility
  • Internationally certified for quality and safety

How the next Olympians improved their training to gain extra competitive advantage


Athletes of all levels love the BigAirBag® as it has allowed them to train more efficient and more safe. The easy exit allows more repetitions and the soft landing takes away the fear of injury. Take your training to the next level with a gymnastic airbag.

  • Train efficient: up to 10 jumps per minute due to the easy exit
  • No dust or toxic foam
  • Soft and safe: No more fear of injury


Gymnastics airbags not only enhance safety but also improve performance by allowing athletes to practice more advanced skills with confidence. Your athletes will love the acceleration in progress they make because they get more repetitions in the same amount of time. You also improve the hygiene in your gym tremendously. Get rid of lifting heavy mats, our BigAirBags are ready in minutes and easy to move around.

  • Custom built and branded for your facility
  • High throughput, increase training efficiency
  • Plug and train: just turn on the blowers and start training


Gymnastics facilities strive to offer the best training possible and traditional gymnastic foam pits are simply not cutting it anymore. Offer your clients a tool that is a true improvement on their training, hygiene, and long term investment. Adding a Gymnastic airbag is the only way to stay ahead of the competition.

  • 4 year warranty
  • TÜV certified for safety and quality
  • Market leader in airbags for sport and leisure

All you need to know to get rid of your foam

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Meet the BigAirBag® Air Pit

  • Pressure measurement and management system included
  • Anti-bacterial topsheets
  • Custom built to your facility
  • Easy to maintain: no more fluffing of foam
  • The highest quality materials sourced globally

“We ditched the foam pit plans and went with BigAirBag for our new facilities. We've had all levels dismount every event with great success”

Carissa BaldwinOwner - Vega Gymnastics (USA)

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