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Enhance Trampoline Park Safety with the Airbag Pressure Alarm System

By 23rd November 2023No Comments

Discover how the BigAirBag Pressure Alarm exceeds ISO safety standards for trampoline parks, ensuring optimal pressure levels for secure, soft landings every time. Learn about easy installation and innovative safety features here.

The BigAirBag Pressure Alarm: A new standard in Trampoline Park Safety.

Trampoline and adventure parks are required to have constant pressure monitors on all their airbags now due to the new ISO regulations. With these new ISO regulations breathing down the necks of these parks, it’s better to have a BigAirBag Pressure Alarm to help maintain the recommended airbag pressure levels and surpass industry standards.

Why Invest in an Airbag Pressure Alarm for Your Park?

Safety and innovation are at the heart of all our products and services. As safety regulations tighten, our standards for safety increase. Our airbag technology has already made a significant impact on the industry by surpassing the safety standards of foam pits. To further elevate safety standards in the industry, the BigAirBag Pressure Monitoring system has been introduced. The Pressure Alarm was designed for large inflatable airbags used for soft landings after a jump. Initially, the pressure alarm was primarily created for trampolines and adventure parks. However, at BigAirBag, we believe it should be adopted by all industries as it provides an easy way to monitor the air pressure of your airbag, ensuring a comfortable landing every time.

The Technical Edge: How the Pressure Alarm Works

Our Airbag Pressure alarm uses constant pressure monitoring for your airbag, even in the event of a power failure. Landing on the airbag increases pressure momentarily, but our uniquely designed pressure alarm filters out these fluctuations, so there’s no need to worry about the alarm going off every time you land or step off. And don’t worry; we also account for multiple people jumping on airbags. If you have multiple BigAirBag’s, it is possible to measure the pressure of all products from a distance and all on one device.

The purpose is to control and monitor the pressure in the airbag to guarantee safety in the event of a pressure failure. The visual and audio alert is in place to warn users and is equipped with a backup battery in case of a power failure or blackout.

Is an airbag pressure alarm essential to be able to run a trampoline park?

The short answer is yes. ISO have implemented safety specifications for trampoline adventure, and training parks. The BigAirBag pressure alarm is compliant with CE standards and exceeds ISO regulations, so you can have peace of mind once it is installed.

Setting Up Your Airbag Pressure Alarm: A Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up the Airbag Pressure Alarm is straightforward. BigAirBag can quickly handle this during a service visit or airbag installation. Otherwise, it’s as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Connect the Pressure Monitoring System
Once the pressure alarm is in its final place and is switched on, any laptop or handheld device can click on “Pressure Alarm” in the Wi-Fi settings. Then, all you have to do is scan a QR code printed on the pressure alarm box, and you are ready to customise the pressure parameters for your airbag. The pressure can be adjusted between 0.5 – 5.6 hPa/mbar, and the upper limit can be switched off to measure only bottom pressure if preferred.
Components of the Alarm:

  • Pressure Guard
  • Power cable (5-meter)
  • Air Tube
  • Square light board with red cross & sound signal

2. Flexible Installation Options for the Air Tube
The pressure is measured through an air tube, typically inserted roughly 20-30cm into the airbag, often through the zipper, although alternative options are available for added convenience. Depending on where you have a power source and where you would like your visual display, we can choose from these options:

  • Through an existing zipper
  • Through a vent
  • Alongside the blower tube
  • Through the pressure nipple

3. Power and The Visual Display
Don’t forget to connect the power cable; the additional battery serves as a backup in case of an emergency. In the event of a blackout or power failure, the battery ensures everyone is notified if the airbag’s pressure has dropped.
The visual display comes pre-assembled and only requires plugging it into the pressure alarm box. Once this is complete, you can position it in a convenient location where jumpers will easily see it.

Invest in Safety

Invest in safety and elevate your park experience. With the Airbag Pressure Monitoring System, enjoy peace of mind and continue to redefine your limits. BigAirBag, where safety meets new heights.

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