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Annual Inspection

Ensure Your BigAirBag is Safe & Compliant

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Why do you need an 
Annual Inspection?

Annual inspections are essential for maintaining the safety, performance, and longevity of your BigAirBag. After all, it is a Category 5 safety product. Let’s work together to ensure that every jump is safe. To comply with international standards and uphold the insurance on your equipment, a thorough inspection by certified professionals is required. This service ensures that your BigAirBag continues to offer maximum safety and fun for its users and your insurance. Sign up for our annual contract from €685/$1450.

  • Increase The Life Span Of Your BigAirBag
  • Global Service: Worldwide Team Of Service Rockstars
  • Adhere to Safety & Insurance Standards: Your Trust, Our Responsibility
  • Put Your Mind At Ease: Prevent Liability Cases

How it works

01 -Sign Up

Use our simple form below to sign up for the contract that suits you best. The longer the contract, the cheaper the annual costs.

02 – Inspection Day

Our certified technicians will connect with you to find the best date and time for the inspection. On the day our technicians will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your BigAirBag.

03 – Receive Your Report

Receive a detailed report following the inspection. Minor repairs can be performed on-site to minimize downtime, while more significant issues will be assessed for a tailored repair plan.

Working with the BigAirBag team has been fantastic. Melvin was awesome – our conversations have been super helpful, quick, and professional. He's really passionate about his work and goes above and beyond for his clients, especially when the going gets tough. Big shoutout to the BigAirBag team for keeping everything smooth and our setup in tip-top shape!

Nathalie Hamon VergneDirector - Jump Virtual Arena

What’s included

  • Comprehensive Safety Check: To ensure compliance with TÜV standards.
  • Performance Evaluation: To maintain the optimal function of your BigAirBag.
  • Detailed Inspection Report: You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your BigAirBag and any recommendations or repairs made.
  • On-Site Minor Repairs: Our team can address minor wear and tear immediately, reducing your equipment’s downtime.
  • Assessment for Major Repairs: For any significant issues, we’ll provide an assessment and repair plan to ensure your BigAirBag is back to perfect condition as soon as possible.

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Why are there price differences for the annual inspection per region?
What if major repairs are needed?
Can I schedule an inspection at any time?
Why is an Annual Inspection necessary?