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NIGHT of the JUMPs Reaches New Heights With Innovative Landing Airbags From BigAirBag

By 10th March 2023March 14th, 2023No Comments

Adrenaline-fueled action during the FMX World Series at NIGHT of the JUMPs, fearless riders take on death-defying stunts on specially crafted FMX landing airbags, pushing the limits of what is humanly possible, a truly unforgettable show.

Podium celebration NIGHT of the JUMPs

BigAirBag enables FMX riders to Redefine Their Limits

FMX riders are on the constant search for the next big trick which will leave spectators speechless, whether it’s jumping higher, more extension on a backflip combo, trying to get more inverted on a whip, adding more rotations to backflips, front flips or maybe even flairs. The start of this journey of creation and refinement can be dated all the way back to the 2000 Gravity Games where Carey Hart made history with the sport’s first backflip. At the time, Carey was confronted with the realisation that the slightest mistake would result in hard contact with the ground and potentially various fractures, if not worse. This aspect of the sport has always been a limitation for the evolution of existing or new tricks, but with BigAirBag, all FMX riders can now Redefine Their Limits.

For over a year, NIGHT of the JUMPs FMX expert and former pro Steve Sommerfeld, and Freestyle Motocross legend Levi Sherwood, one of the keenest engineering minds in the sport, have developed an entirely exclusive airbag design with BigAirBag to allow the athletes to go above and beyond the audience’s expectations. A promise turned into reality in light of the mind-blowing tricks attempted and landed at the NIGHT of the JUMPs event from the riders of the three teams Germany, Spain, and the Czech Republic in Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena.

FMX trick landing on airbag ramp

Allowing riders to perform at the highest level with BigAirBag’s landing ramps

Our CEO, Tomas Huting, has been part of the entire design process for the landing ramps seen at this year’s edition of the NIGHT of the JUMPs. In order to obtain a BigAirBag which ensured safety and allowed riders to excel, Tomas made sure to incorporate the feedback received directly from the riders themselves and went above and beyond, stretching the limits of what is possible with the materials and manufacturing processes.

It’s really exciting to be co-developing our Next Gen FMX Landing with the pros of the industry and then see them launched on the Night of the Jumps World Series. We hope to look back on this day as the beginning of the change from dirt to air, across all our sport disciplines

Tomas Huting

The Next Gen FMX Landing BigAirBag has a re-designed Topsheet which gives riders the feel of landing on a surface that is similar to dirt. The landing airbag also comes with an integrated Triple Chamber safety method, providing greater overall safety and allowing any impact to be more easily dispersed. The biggest advantage of having greater safety through the Triple Chamber technology is that it gives the riders even more confidence and courage to attempt new and more dangerous tricks, ultimately pushing the limits of the sport far higher than previously imagined. Even the pressure contained in the bag can be regulated through special openings or through a Manometer, to allow rider preferences to be met and to customize landings for different scenarios. Any rider who trains using BigAirBag at home will be able to build confidence in their abilities and will be able to land even more absurd tricks in competition.

It’s important to remember that, while thrilling to watch, FMX riders ultimately risk their lives for the entertainment of everyone, making the safety provided by BigAirBag’s landing ramps even more crucial in saving not only careers but lives!

Helping event organisers check all the boxes

BigAirBag’s Next Gen FMX Landing airbag helps event organisers present the best show possible, just like with riders, and it does that in three different ways. The airbag landing ramp’s mobility and versatility allow the organisers of the event to create unique and thrilling setups just like the one in the NIGHT of the JUMPs, taking the audience’s experience to a completely new level of immersion and adrenaline. Staying on the theme of mobility, the airbag is also very efficient from a logistics standpoint as it can be assembled and disassembled by a fairly small group of people and at it can be done quite quickly, saving time and energy which can be devoted to the many other important aspects of the event. Last but not least, BigAirBag supports event organisers with an expert dedicated team, who will provide assistance to ensure that the landing airbags are set up correctly, allowing your event to run smoothly, the riders to perform at their best, and the fans to have a night to remember!

Still not convinced about the switch from dirt to air? Here’s the feedback directly from NIGHT of the JUMPs:

  • Giving riders the ability to progress the sport with new innovations
  • New tricks
  • Saving riders lives and careers
  • Making logistics more efficient
  • Less time to build a full event
  • BigAirBag support
  • Extending riders career time

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