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Virginia Elite Gymnastics Academy ditch their old foam pit for a BigAirBag®

By 12th April 2021No Comments

Virginia Elite Gymnastics Academy is ecstatic with the results!

The VEGA gym, formerly known as New Kent Gymnastics Center, opened the doors to their brand new facility at the end of summer 2020. Opening a new facility during a global pandemic has given the team at VEGA a definite challenge.

As many of us have realised in the last twelve months, it is of utmost importance to provide the future generations with a safe & healthy training environment. It is not only important to have safety measures, but to have safe and hygienic equipment as well. Loose foam pits have been found to produce toxic dust from flame retardants.

Hygiene and safety are the main priorities for VEGA gym. They conducted extensive research and talked to several other gyms before committing to a solution. In the end BigAirBag ticked every box.

One of the added benefits is the full color branding on the topsheet. The VEGA branding is very colorful all over the gym, which makes it a perfect match for the purple stars on the foam pit topsheet.

Get your own foam pit 3D model!

Create Your Own Foam Pit or Gymnastics BigAirBag

These times of global pandemic provide a great opportunity to create a more hygienic and safer training center!

Moving from the traditional foam pit system to the new foam pit / gymnastics model by BigAirBag can provide significant benefits to the future of your gymnasts.

We provide custom solutions that fit your gym layout or existing inground pit. If you would like more information on the safety & hygiene, or our foam pit models in general feel free to speak to us

The Foam Pit BigAirBag® 

  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Simultaneous landings possible
  • Two internal blowers
  • High quality fabrics
  • Perimeter skirting system
  • Customized to fit your brand:
    • Size
    • Design
    • Full color branding

The Gymnastics BigAirBag® 

  • Adjust pressure to create soft or firm landing
  • Low noise blower for easy coaching
  • Easy to move around the gym
  • Extremely high throughput
  • Low operational costs
  • Customized to fit your brand:
    • Size
    • Design
    • Full color branding

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Experience the Best of the Gymnastics BigAirBag!

Watch the video below to experience first-hand what the Gymnastics BigAirBag has to offer!

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