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The world’s first 360 quadruple downside tailwhip

By 12th January 2022October 1st, 2022No Comments

Tom van den Bogaard is a 25 year old BMX rider who lives in Aarle-Rixtel in The Netherlands. Normally he travels all around the world for BMX competitions, but because of COVID-19 he unfortunately couldn’t do that. There was a trick he wanted to learn for a long time, the 360 quadruple downside tailwhip. He tried it a couple times in competitions but every time he needed to correct with his foot and the trick didn’t count. After that, COVID hit and he couldn’t go anywhere to try and fully learn this trick. This problem inspired him to go in his backyard, build his own setup and keep on trying until he can land the trick.

He always trains on a Landing BigAirBag at Area51 in Eindhoven, but for this trick the roof of Area51 was literally to low to make it work there. So he used the same Landing BigAirBag in his backyard to safely learn everything there was to learn on this trick. In this way BigAirBag was a stepping stone for him to make this trick possible. After landing the trick on the BigAirBag, it was of course his aim to land it on a hard landing. He moved on to a wooden landing ramp and this was where it got suspenseful for everyone involved.

Watch the video above to see Tom’s whole journey on landing the world’s first 360 quadruple downside tailwhip.

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