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Uvdal Skisenter raises the bar with their huge 50 x 20 Landing BigAirBag®

By 8th April 2021October 1st, 2022No Comments

 In Uvdal, Norway there is a unique chance to hit the new BigAirBag Landing of 50 x20 meter, offered to all park riders!

Who is Betongpark?

The BigAirBag is offered to you in partnership with Betongpark. This company was founded in 2012. They have since built over 100 world-class skateboard & action sports parks in Norway. Their core values when building parks include durability, multi-use and delivering a great diversity of activities. At the heart of all business is the passion for skateboarding and action sports.

As Norway’s industry leader in the action sports park industry, Betongpark has proven to be a great partner for BigAirBag in Norway. With the latest installation of the massive 50 x 20 meter landing airbag at Uvdal Skisenter. Throughout the entire process Betongpark and BigAirBag have worked together to provide the absolute best experience for both the client and the visitors of the ski resort!

Find out more about the BigAirBag® LANDING!

The new 50 x 20 LANDING BigAirBag®

The Landing is a whopping 50 by 20 meters! The bag weighs in at just over 5500kg! This Landing BigAirBag is a special one, due to the fact that it is an olympic size also accessible for intermediate riders and even beginners who would like to experience freestyle!

In order to create a safe landing space for beginners, we shortened the upper deck. This opens the possibility to place a smaller kicker, that still provides the safe sloped landing. The landing airbag is one of the best ways to practice new skills and gain confidence rather than trying it straight to snow!

The Landing BigAirBag provides an athlete with confidence and Uvdal is not the only resort in the world who has noticed the insane progression on a BigAirBag. Freestyle Whistler, Val Thorens, Mammoth Mountain and many more resorts have purchased a custom BigAirBag showcasing the resort’s brand. It does not just stop at Ski and Snowboarding, in summer some resorts use the bag as an addition for freestyle bmx, a tubby jump or artificial snow setup.

The whole experience in Norway was a blast! There were long lines of kids ready to hit the airbag so we had to speed up the installation! To see people progress throughout the week and redefine their limits is why I love BigAirBag®

Allard Stoute - Commercial Director at BigAirBag®

The installation of the airbag only took 1.5 days, as the excitement and anticipation had grown over the last few weeks! There was a large group of  people ready to help and make sure that everyone gets the most out of their new BigAirBag setup. This special project has meant a great deal of publicity for the ski resort, with national television, newspapers and other media taking notice of the hype in Norway. The excitement among children and their parents willing to take video’s and support their kids was awesome to see!

The Team

The team who made it all work in Norway! See who is behind the awesome products we produce, install and sell!

Tomas Huting – CEO
Esmée van Bruggen – Head of Operations
Allard Stoute – Commercial Director

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