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International movie stunt team uses BigAirBag

By 14th November 2016No Comments

Since 1956 stuntteam Hammy de Beukelaer is the most reputable stuntteam in the Benelux and has performed stunts for hundreds of national and international film, TV and commercial productions, for example the new Heineken commercial.

Meanwhile stuntteam Hammy de Beukelaer contains over more than 50 years of experience and the stuntteam consists over the best stunt people available in Europe. The professionals control all disciplines and can perform flawlessly at any level. The stunt team is managed by Willem de Beukelaer and Marco Maas, together they are responsible for 85% of the stunts within the BeNeLux.

In order to come home from the death defying stunts they do every day, they need a guaranteed safe and soft landing: the BigAirBag stunt airbag! Due to the excellent shock absorption our airbag is an excellent way to carry out the most dangerous stunts and providing the professionals with incredible soft landings. In the video below you will see awesome behind the scene footage how the stuntteam performance stunts for videos by free falling into a BigAirBag also know as a inflatable stunt bag.  

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