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IATP and BigAirBag discuss the future of trampoline parks

By 24th October 2016No Comments

Trampoline parks are a booming business and have been for some time now. Invented as a new sport in the United States, it quickly gained traction in the United Kingdom and is now making it’s way across Europe.

The parks are popular among gymnasts as they provide many additional training features that traditional gymnastic facilities do not. The most important one being the airbag. The reasons for this is because they provide easier and quicker exit and are cleaner than the foam pits found in gymnastic facilities.

Due to this growing popularity, parks are opening everywhere which is also noticed by Bethany Evans, executive VP of the International Association of Trampoline Parks. BigAirBag hired a market researcher and they talked about the state of the industry and how it will evolve from here on. This has lead to many interesting discussions and we can not wait to see all of this happen. For now, the UK is definitely the place to visit a trampoline park with many more on the way! After that, make sure to check out Europe.

We want to thank Bethany for making time to discuss the future of trampoline parks and hope to see you again soon!