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BigAirBag® Smart: how many of these revolutionary features were you aware of?

By 18th June 2020August 25th, 2020No Comments

Innovation is key

For years, the BigAirBag® team has prided itself on developing revolutionary foam pit airbags focused on user safety, staying ahead of the regulations and now of course, hygiene.

From using the anti-microbial materials to maximise hygiene usage to incorporating exclusive features that boost throughput for multiple people to use at once, every product is specifically designed to deliver a supreme performance and clean experience.

Over the months, we have developed multiple innovations improve our products to help trampoline parks provide the ultimate user experience – Collectively, we like to call these built-in features the BigAirBag® SMART.

Have you heard of our Foam Removal Service? Included in every installation!

How many of these are you aware of?

Continuous pressure measurement

Antimicrobial topsheets

Analogue safety system

Action camera and sound systems

Ultraviolet topsheets

Improved design

01 Continuous pressure measurement

One of the latest BigAirBag® innovations is the new and improved alarm system. The basic protocol for other trampoline park airbags is to use a basic alarm system that only measures power supply and will sound if this cuts.

Our original solution involved an alarm system that went off when the power cut or the blower broke to ensure measures could be taken to prevent any injuries to users.

But now we’ve built on this by incorporating a pressure measurement tool inside the BigAirBag® products. Instead of only being reactive to a problem, the new system continually measures the pressure of the foam pit airbag. This is attached to the alarm system, which has a traffic light device jumpers and staff can monitor all day.

It turns green when the pressure is ok to jump, orange when it’s calibrating/starting up and red when the pressure is either too low or too high to use.

While this innovative feature undoubtedly helps improve the safety of the BigAirBag®, it also enables your trampoline park staff to be proactive in their maintenance work. If the BigAirBag loses air, pressure will drop and the alarm will go off.  The traffic light system will keep everyone informed and allow you to plan maintenance work more effectively during off-peak times. You can even add a Jump counter to know exactly how many jumps are done per day and when you need to do your maintenance checks. Read more about this further below.

Continually measure the pressure of the foam pit airbag - Connected to the traffic light for your users.

antimicrobial anti bacterial airbag foam pit replacement

02 Antimicrobial topsheet

  • Kills micro-organisms and stops their growth – No need to wash daily
  • ASTM E2149-13a certificate and Fire retardant (Rating B1, DIN 4102)
  • No increased ecological impact
  • No extra costs, same as normal Topsheets
  • Two to three weeks production time
  • Cheaper and easier than cleaning daily
  • We have all previous designs on file

Order now, pay later 

BigAirBag® is aware of the ecomonic impact of COVID-19 on a lot of our clients. Which means we have changed our payment requirements to support our customers in the reopening process of their park.


Superior Service

At BigAirBag® we understand that replacing your foam with an airbag brings some operational issues such as where do you put all the foam? How do you get the foam out of the pit? What to do with the trampoline underneath the foam?

We provide a complete foam pit replacement service. On top of that, we have developed our airbag with lightweight materials so that you can leave the trampoline in the pit and do not have to remove it.

foam pit replacement with airbag

Incorporate these safety features in your park

03 Analogue safety system 

We also added an analogue safety feature: a ‘Do Not Jump’ sign will appear automatically when the BigAirBag deflates. This warns users when they shouldn’t jump. Prefer a more visual display? Well, it’s even possible to set-up a screen connected to pressure measurement. If the pressure is safe, you can even show other visuals. It’s a brilliant way of turning a safety feature into a fun interactive add-on to improve the user experience at your trampoline park.

04 Action camera and sound systems

The new BigAirBag® system is built in such a way that makes it easy to add further interactive elements alongside the continuous pressure measurement innovation too. For example, we can connect a system that plays a sound based on the pressure when someone jumps onto the BigAirBag® FOAM PIT. An action camera system lets users instantly share clips of themselves landing on the BigAirBag® on social media, complete with your logo in the corner to boost brand awareness. For something more visual, we can hook up displays and show a video, image or text when someone lands. Or a LED strip that lights up your pit edge.

hook up a display or speaker to the create an interactive experience when someone lands

05 Ultraviolet


Looking to maximise business and prolong the fun well into the night?

We now supply UV reacting topsheets which light up underneath a blacklight. Just picture a kid’s party where children can jump onto a sheet of glow-in-the-dark stars or a Halloween themed session with ‘spooktacular’ images branded across it.

This simple add-on completely transforms the experience into an unforgettable one.

Optimise your park with these innovations! 

05 Rigorous testing, improved design

If you want to find the average number of jumps that are made before the pressure of the BigAirBag® FOAM PIT needs adjusting, or you just like a statistic on throughput, we can connect a jump counter to the traffic light pressure system too. This measures how many jumps are made every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and so on.

To ensure the ultimate performance of the jump counter, we’ve developed the BigAirBag® Smash. This allows us to simulate 300 jumps per hour. To preserve the quality of our BigAirBag® products for longer, we’ve recently introduced a few other technological innovations into the manufacturing process too, including:

We simulate 300 jumps per hour with the BigAirBag® Smash!

To test what materials and manufacturing techniques are the best. It’s also led to technical product innovations that help decrease wear and increase product lifetime too, which is extremely important when you’re running a busy trampoline park.

Our team have conducted various ground contact tests, hooking the integrated pressure measurement inside the BigAirBag® to sensors underneath. One by one, we started dropping 80kg (175lbs) weights from 5 metres (16ft) to make the BigAirBag® softer and softer until the pressure dropped enough for the sensor to go off. Using this information, we doubled that point as our threshold for the lower pressure setting in the alarm system to maximise the safety of the product.

  • New design pillarwe’ve redesigned the pillars inside the BigAirBag® to prevent it from wearing down less, make it easier to maintain and more cost-effective to produce.

  • Lightweight materialsby opting for more lightweight materials, our BigAirBag® products cause less friction. In turn, this means less wear and makes the product easier to handle. Also, no need to remove the trampoline underneath your foam pit

  • Stronger satinusing stronger satin gives the BigAirBag® twice the strength of our previous materials without compromising the soft silky feeling users are used to experience when they jump.

To find more information about the features and benefits of investing in a BigAirBag®, get in touch with our indoor leisure experts: Chris for Europe and Jake for North America

  • You can reach Chris at +31 (0)20 893 2161 or by email
  • You can reach Jake at +1 303 586 2486 or by email

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