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Tigerjump trampoline park Oberhausen open their doors!

By 2nd December 2016No Comments

On the 20th of November 2016, Tigerjump opened its doors for the 1st time, becoming one of the most impressive trampoline parks we have ever seen! Tigerjump has found themselves a premium location at Oberhausens marina shopping complex, just a stones throw from the city center, the Legoland discovery center and the Metronom theater. Oberhausen is also very easy to get to via public transport and is located near to the motorway exit making it easy to reach for those coming from Essen, Duisburg and Dortmund.

Tigerjump is now one of the largest trampoline parks in Europe, featuring 4.500 square meters of interconnected trampolines, a ninja warrior course, dodge ball arena, high performance trampolines, wall runs and of course the BigAirBag.

The 100 square meter airbag is already becoming one of the most popular features at this incredible park and visitors can simply not get enough of all the airbag activities. You can jump into the airbag from 5 different launching platforms making the airbag popular for everybody from 1st time jumpers to professional stunt jumpers, gymnasts and freestyle athletes.

Please check out this video from Trampolinhallen to get a peak at the park and the airbag:

The BigAirBag features a fully branded, super soft satin topsheet with a spectacular design, making it the center piece of this incredible park.

Unlike traditional dismount foam pits, the BigAirBag is hygienic, very safe, easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to exit. One of the main reasons that Tiger jump decided on the airbag option was throughput. Unlike with foam blocks the airbag is very easy to get out of. This increases the capacity of the area massively, allowing you to jump, land and leave the foam pit in a matter of seconds. The user experience is not only improved but from a trampoline park operators perspective the attraction is a lot easier to operate and maintain.

Please be sure to check out one of the worlds most impressive trampoline parks and have a go on the BigAirBag foam pit replacement.

Want some more info? Go to their Facebook page or check out their website.