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The Rise of the Demons

By 28th August 2019April 3rd, 2020No Comments

BigAirBag® is very proud of it’s amazing collaborations. This one is without a doubt worth telling you. We were offered the chance to be a part of Crusty Demons brand-new live show: Rise of the Demons! 

Freestyle motocross to the next level!

Any motorbike enthusiast would remember when back in 1994, Jon Freeman and Dana Nicholson started to showcase a behind the scenes expose of the lifestyle of an American pro motorcross rider in action, featuring footage of riders jumping 145 ft plus or 45 ft high in the air, soaring over sand dunes, mountains, houses, buses and anything else secure and steep enough to hold the weight of bike and rider. The end result was Fleshwound Films and the first video “Crusty Demons of Dirt”.

After a 10-plus year absence from Australian shores, extreme freestyle motorcycle legends Crusty Demons have returned down under with their brand-new live show ‘Rise Of The Demons’. BigAirBag was called up to help with the equipment needed to push freestyle motocross to the next level!

It was a privilege to be asked to work with the Crusty Demons and prove to the world that having our factory internally, allows us to produce a top quality product, suitable for the most extreme clients. At first we quickly understood that airbags and Crusty’s were two words never used in the same sentence before and we wanted to prove to the team that we could produce the most stable, realistic landing equipment that would still bring the extreme “wow” factor to the audience.

Crusty Demons is the reason I started riding dirt bikes, so to now be given the opportunity to be a part of the Crusty Demons is a dream come true

Pat Bowden - Australian Crusty Demons rider

Redefine your limits!

Times are changing and the sport is getting more crazy than ever, tricks that were performed at X-games back in the day would not even qualify you through the first round in 2020! Most of the best riders in the world train on their personal BigAirBag’s including, Levi Sherwood, Luc Ackermann, David Rinaldo and Pat Bowden. Although we understand that landing a trick to an airbag is different to hucking it to dirt, we are proud to produce the safest systems on the market that have saved countless broken bones and even lives! Allowing the spectators to keep enjoying this daredevil sport and the riders to walk away unharmed.

The role of BigAirBag® in the event

The benefits for freestyle shows like the Crusty Demons is that the whole production can fit inside a shipping container and be transported around the world! No more steel ramps, no more resi – liner and no more enormous overhead costs! Sitting on pallet’s, the whole show can be rolled out and inflated in less than 1hr and 30 minutes.

So what did we produce? Two 19m. long x 6m. wide full landing with wedge BigAirBag’s to go side by side next to the largest freestanding landing airbag suitable for all motorised vehicles in the world. An enormous 19m. long by 12m. wide version designed for side by side trains and the most extreme tricks ever seen live.  The 3 systems had built in digital pressure measuring tools allowing the production to inflate to the ideal setting for the show, but also regulate the pressure in training to provide more impact absorption. The systems in total had 13 blowers built internally within the product, removing the chance for kinked blower hoses and protecting them from the elements. A replaceable top sheet designed for professional FMX and full colour branding with the famous Crusty Demon logo’s around the whole complete BigAirBag which made them all the more realistic!

Find out more about the BigAirBag® LANDING!

The Crusty Demon memory

With 11 world records to their name, the Crusty Demons were equipped to take over the world once again with the most radical, death-defying stunts known to humankind, with riders pushing to go bigger, faster, higher, and more insane than before. The all-star line-up was confirmed and includes world champion athletes such as the 5-time Gold X Games winner Rob Adelberg, Redbull X Fighters, Champion Jackson Strong, Crusty Demons veteran Seth Enslow, Australian FMX Champion Pat Bowden, Taka Higashino, Robbie Maddison, crowd favourite James ‘Bubba’ Chiasson and more.

Although the show unfortunately did not turn out how we had all hoped the Crusty Demon memory still lives on strong, freestyle motocross is still a growing sport and it was an honour for BigAirBag to show the world that we create the most advanced airbag technology and work with the biggest names in Action Sports.

We are not going anywhere soon!

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