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By 3rd August 2006No Comments

When you think of snowboarding, you think of perfect weather, perfect snow conditions, nice pow pow lines, backcountry kickers, just you and your buddies out there in the woods, or maybe a perfect shaped park and pipe. But reality sometimes teaches us something different: totally overcrowed resorts, the best lines are already taken by others, the ‚secret spot’ was also hit by someone else and the waitress in the bar just dated your best friend. No wonder that you get a little ‚snowbored’ once in a while.


But ‚snowbored?’ is anything else than boring! This movie – brought to you by the guys from ‚mellow mood production’ from switzerland – is about to show you that all the waiting for the perfect day is worth it. Riders like Markus Keller, Gian Simmen, Danny Kass, Stephan Maurer, Jon Cartwright and others will show their skills in every terrain you could imagine and will make you long for the next season to come!


It’s neither a conventional part movie nor a documentation. It’s the attempt to create a whole new movie concept based on themes like park, powder, woods, concrete and some other special features…check out the teaser and more infos about the crew on