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BigAirBag LANDING in Ski Dubai

By 13th November 2018March 26th, 2020No Comments
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By 13th November 2018November 20th, 2018No Comments

One of the most impressive indoor ski resorts in the world has decided to use our BigAirBag LANDING. This exclusive one of a kind venue, that has won for three consecutive years the “World’s Best Indoor Ski Resorts Award”, by World Ski Awards,  has over 22,500m2 of snow to play with, an ice café and even penguins! Situated in the dessert within the Mall of Emirates the worlds largest shopping mall, this spectacular phenomenon is a must see.

For weeks guests could experience the 8,5 by 15-meter BigAirBag LANDING. This bag is suited for both ski and snowboarding, with custom built safety rings on the side it allows anyone of all ages to experience what its like to hit a small kicker in a safe, exciting way. The 12-meter length has been specifically chosen to provide a forgiving but highly realistic training platform. The last few meters are slightly dipping from 1 to 0.5 meter to allow a smooth transition to the snow.  This way the joy and passion of freestyle skiing and snowboarding is accessible in a safe way to everyone.

One of the best aspects of this new BigAirBag is the adjustable valves that allow you to adapt the firmness so that you can land and ride away. However, if you make a misstep the BigAirBag LANDING will catch your fall and protect you from injury!


 “ I really like the BigAirBag LANDING, it feels the same as a real landing”


The blower system is housed within the airbag providing protection from the elements, reduced noise and increased safety by eliminating the risk of kinked blower hoses. Inside the Ski dome it can reach temperatures of -1c during operating hours, the walls have numerous levels of insulation and the roof is 5 meters higher than the ceiling providing very efficient insulation. Therefore, the materials used have been rigoursly tested within our R&D department in the BigAirBag factory based in Amsterdam. No corners have been cut to ensure that this airbag has a long and durable life within one of the best refrigerators in the world!

“It was really fun, it was the one of the most exciting things I did in my life.”


Since building the largest Landing airbag in the world for the British Ski and Snowboard team in the end of 2017, we have become a chosen supplier by various internationally recognised brands when it comes to safety and durability. Recent developments are extremely motivating for all members of our company and it creates a pumped feeling of endless energy.

Every Landing bag can be fully customised and designed based on your request, with the experience we have we will take you through the process step by step. Ensuring that you have a product that suits your Snowdome or Ski Resort perfectly.

Click here to read more about the LANDING or contact us directly!

迪拜滑雪场是世界最著名的室内滑雪之一,他们决定用BigAirBag LANDING大气垫来为滑雪爱好者打造特别的滑雪轨道。这个滑雪场的雪堆面积大概在22,500平方米左右,室内有很多咖啡屋,幸运的时候,还可以看见企鹅!这个滑雪场在迪拜最大的购物中心 – 阿联酋购物中心里面,绝对是必游之景。

几周前,我们搭建的这个8.5米X15米的BigAirBag LANDING大气垫已经对游客开放。这个气垫专用于单板滑雪和自由滑雪,为滑雪爱好者在滑雪安全区打造特带劲的滑雪娱乐项目。不受年龄限制,每个人都能享受滑雪带来的乐趣。12米的气垫其实已经达到安全要求,但是为了更好的和雪地面衔接,我们把气垫延长了1到0.5米左右。这样单板滑雪和自由滑雪爱好者们能够享受刺激的同时还能保证他们的安全。


 “BigAirBag LANDING在迪拜滑雪场取得了巨大的成功。每天大概有400人左右来尝试在气垫上面滑雪!因为有了这个气垫,我们的客流量每天都在增加,很多滑雪爱好者都是冲着这个气垫来的,而且办理会员的人数也在增加。有了这个大气垫做背景, 在社交媒体上也是有了一道独特风景。BigAirBag LANDING 在大大降低受伤风险的同时,也为我们带来了最大的利益。”

迪拜滑雪场经理JACK NESGOS说到


“ 在气垫上滑雪和有趣,我感觉这是我一生中最精彩的经历之一”




点击这里 获得更多关于LANDING气垫的信息, 赶快联系我们 吧!