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BigAirBag® Landing: the ultimate athlete training setup

By 23rd April 2020November 12th, 2020No Comments

Redefine your limits

Under the slogan ‘redefine your limits’’ BigAirBag® has blurred the lines between imagination and reality. Over the last fifteen years BigAirBag® has worked with some of the worlds best freestyle athletes, resorts, brand names and event agencies. The constant demand to raise the levels of safety in extreme sports, has driven innovation and product development. Our customers can rely on the highest standards that provide all.

The Landing BigAirBag®

01 The product

After years of development we unveiled the BigAirBag® LANDING which redefined the athlete limitations and advances progression in freestyle action sports.

The revolutionary design and fully customizable shape means the jump bag adopts the contour of the landing area it covers, providing fall safe protection at the knuckle, on the landing ramp itself and finally in the run out area. The result is an ultra realistic training platform that mimics a real landing ramp delivering better impact absorption than a foam pit while still remaining more forgiving than a resi ramp.

ski airbag
airbag for skiing

Most airbags that we see in the Alps are flat, but this is where this one is different – it’s the shape of an actual landing, so once you’ve got it down here, you can replicate the trick on snow. This allows to perfectly learn the correct take off and phycical landing. 

Aimee Fuller – Professional olympic snowboarder

The Latest Features

Steep backwall for extra fall protection 

Modular backstop designed for winter sport activities that provides sufficient distance to slow you down after hitting the kicker and landing correctly.

One piece system

The complete construct inflates in one and is a perfect portable solution for freestyle shows and training facilities without the need for dirt or snow excavation.

Hard wedge

Triangular shaped hill, lifting your BigAirBag® in required angle using sufficient strengthened internal down drops and a horizontal power structure for optimal stability. The Landing wedge is equipped with heavy-duty anchorage points around the bottom and can be detached completely from the BigAirBag®.

topsheet technology

The highly advanced Non-Friction Topsheet material combines strength, durability, flexibility and elasticity. It is neither grippy, nor abrasive allowing you to land and ride away even with tiny wheels of a skateboard or sharp ski and snowboard edges. In addition, there are no wrinkles and no lubricant is needed.

Customizable airbag

The shape and size of the BigAirBag® LANDING are fully customizable meaning it can be manufactured to cover virtually any landing surface, ramp, hill or contour. An inflatable safety barrier can also be added on the sides of the landing area to prevent riders from sliding off the BigAirBag®.

Innovative blower
system inside

The innovative blower system is enclosed within the airbag providing protection from the elements, reduced noise, and increased safety by eliminating the risk of kinked blower hoses or unwanted access to the blowers themselves. The optional Blower Alarm System delivers further safety and peace of mind by warning the operator in the event of a blower defect or power cut.


Tell us your idea and get a quote

Upload your logo and receive a branded 3D-impression

Surprise your partners, stakeholders and
investors with a free 3d sample model

At BigAirBag we go out of our way to help our customers regarding all aspects of their project – Branding is another area in which we excel!

Our team of professional designers are here to help you bring your ideas to life. Please send us your artwork files and we will work with you closely for the best looking results.

Landing airbag for ski resorts
ski resorts airbag
Landing airbag ski resort

03 Possible use

How people use the Landing BigAirBag®

If you are looking to create a unique customer experience in your Ski Resort, BigAirBag® has the right answer. Our airbags are known as the ultimate multipurpose attraction for ski resorts. In combination with other elements, the airbags can be used not just during the winter season, but also during summer, providing a high versatility and return of investments of a product.

  • Terrain Park/Snow Park Safety
  • Big Air Freeski and Freestyle Snowboard Training
  • Freestyle Skiing & Snowboard Training
  • Alternative to Foam Pit
  • Mountain Bike/BMX Park Airbag Training Platform
  • FMX Training Airbag
  • Weather Resistant Foam Pit Alternative
  • Snowtubing, Tubby Jump & Toboggan
  • Ski Bobs and Ringos
  • Freefall Slide

04 Return on Investment

BigAirBag® engineers a building block structure that allows clients to combine multiple attractions, building a unique turn-key complete setup for both winter- and summer season. The setups are made to perfectly fit your resort and the number of combinations can be limitless. The perfect combination of throughput, safety, and excitement will help your facility to stand out from the rest and increase your overall client experience.

Let us help you get your return on investment with the following revenue streams:


Rental opportunities

Once you commit to purchasing one, you can take pre-bookings on rentals to ensure you’re generating the cash flow to cover the initial investment of buying a BigAirBag®.


If you’re concerned about the initial cost of a BigAirBag®, you can always reach out to the public and other businesses to help generate the money required. Crowdfunding is effectively a form of fundraising but conducted entirely online.

Entertainment events

Find a talented person who can perform breath-taking tricks and stunts with the help of a BigAirBag® to be the headline of a show. This service can form your own future event to the general public or can be sold to sports festivals, local events, event agencies and marketing agencies as a feature.

Clever marketing

We can provide you with ongoing marketing support to help you raise funds, including exposure to our social media followers and email list. Our team can also assist in the design work and supply you with a fully-branded 3d model.

Private sessions

Fill your diary up in advance by pushing these personalised services to groups, parties, local skate parks, bike parks and ski clubs. Simply ask for a deposit upfront and you’ll raise enough money in no time – or at least know you have the income hitting your account to cover the investment cost further down the line.

Sponsorship and branding

Sell branding space to brands looking to push their products and services to your users. Everything can be printed in full colour and put on the BigAirBag® ready for everyone to see when they use it or watch an event.


We have a large selection of branded products we can sell at a cheaper bulk price ready for you to sell to your customers. Alternatively, if you’d prefer something more personalised to your brand, we can co-design bespoke merchandise courtesy of our supplier network.

Fundraising events

A BigAirBag® can benefit the whole community, with people of all ages getting the chance to stay active and learn new things. Holding a fundraiser event will enable you to demonstrate the impact it will have on the community and get them all to (literally) buy into the concept.

Make your money stretch

Before purchasing a BigAirBag®, you should keep an eye on the local exchange rate. Over the years, many of our clients have saved quite a bit of money when the Euro was weak in comparison to the local currency.

We are more than happy to help our customers with increasing revenue streams!

05 Full training setup

The BigAirBag® Landing provides an ultra realistic training platform that mimics a real landing ramp delivering better impact absorption than a foam pit while still remaining more forgiving than a resi ramp. Owning a BigAirBag® Landing, contributes to the progress of athletes by providing a safe environment for learning new inverts and skills. In addition, athletes are able to build up their jump length. When purchasing the BigAirBag® Landing, our team of engineers can deliver a turnkey-setup for your product.

Let us help you build your dream setup. 

Technical Drawing sketch airbag jump trajectory analysis

Tell us your idea!

We bring it to life

06 Inspiration

All BigAirBags can be used for multiple purposes. See how other Ski Resorts create a unique experience for their clients with a BigAirBag®! Using our products all year round increases revenue streams and thereby the return on investment.

Fly like a bird before landing on the biggest Landing BigAirBag® we have ever created! 

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