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How AirHop Essen upgraded their park with a new BigAirBag® AIR PIT

By 14th October 2022No Comments

Another installation, another happy client!

Recently we visited the lovely “AirHop Essen” Trampoline Park in Germany to install a BigAirBag® AIR PIT. 15,000 foam pit cubes full of dust and dirt are replaced with a new, clean, and easy-to-maintain BigAirBag® AIR PIT.

The newly installed BigAirBag® AIR PIT is the perfect solution for this dusty foam pit because it leaves the grime away and contributes to a better experience for visitors and more pleasant working days for staff. “AirHop Essen” guests can now enjoy two different designs on just one BigAirBag® AIR PIT. This one-of-a-kind feature of our product creates a unique selling point for the business and allows for doing two activities on just one bag. Moreover, “AirHop Essen” has the opportunity to host even a third activity on this same BigAirBag® AIR PIT because the skirt is attached to the sidewall, which enables the building of a climbing wall without risking anyone falling under the bag.

With the BigAirBag® AIR PIT, “AirHop Essen” managed to remove 3 trampolines and built a new jumping block which is a possibility to combine a couple of activities and use the BigAirBag® AIR PIT most efficiently. This is another benefit of the BigAirBag® AIR PIT, which gives our clients room for improvisation and improvement of their venues without spending extra finances!

We not only installed the BigAirBag® AIR PIT perfectly, but we also held a special training session for the “AirHop Essen” team. They learned how to handle and maintain the BigAirBag® AIR PIT, which is a much easier task than the previous hassle with the 15,000 foam pit cubes! There is no need to spend days and tons of money on maintenance anymore. Instead, “AirHop Essen” can enjoy the quick and easy maintenance of the BigAirBag®AIR PIT. “Yes, the installation and training of the team was a real success. The team is happy about this new attraction and I am sure our guests will love it! Big thanks!” the park managers Jeromino and Sarah said.

Altogether, the replacement of foam pit cubes with a BigAirBag® AIR PIT is a worthy investment for any trampoline park, adventure park, or gymnastics hall. It is great for the environment, great for the visitors, and great for the staff.

If you would also like to replace your foam pit with a BigAirBag® AIR PIT, do not hesitate to contact us!

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