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A great combination: MaxAir Trampolines x BigAirBag

By 10th October 2016No Comments

We have been working on a lot of new projects with MaxAir Trampolines, including some great gymnastics training setups with a our Foam Pit replacement airbag. This gives athletes the opportunity to learn new moves faster as they gain more confidence landing in the BigAirBag and it is way faster to exit than the foam pit. In order words, you can train so much more in the same amount of time. This combination can of course be combined with many other training setups, such as summer ski or snowboard freestyle training, freerunning or any other extreme sport training

After, we took the BigAirBag to several great locations giving a whole new dimension to training: on location training! MaxAir is soon coming out with several videos and already released the first one. Keep your eye on our news feed, we’ll be dropping more edits soon!