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A foam pit cleaner that’ll save you bundles of time and money

By 14th February 2019March 26th, 2020No Comments

We’re proud to announce the arrival of the BigAirBag FOAM PIT CLEANER®.  This innovative solution enables you to clean and fluff a foam pit in a matter of minutes – saving you both time and money, as well as ensuring a safer landing for your customers.

The American-Austrian educator and author, Peter Drucker once said: “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else”. So what if we said you have the ability to manage your time more effectively and save money in the process too?

As you know, cleaning and maintaining a foam pit can often require multiple members of staff, plus a serious amount of hours to complete – which in business terms, costs you money.

Our FOAM PIT CLEANER® provides a smarter way of working and maximising your working day.

We recognise that foam pits are very commonplace in trampoline parks, gymnasiums and adventure centres. Whether they’re used by kids to simply play in or are provided to give athletes a psychological advantage when practising new stunts or moves, foam pits are very important.

With this in mind, our team developed the FOAM PIT CLEANER® to help make sure that foam pits are used in the right way and can be maintained without any fuss.

As a result, businesses like yours will not only get value for money but will also be able to preserve the high-standards you expect to achieve on a daily basis in quick-time.

Common problems with foam pits

While a foam pit can be a safe place to jump and perform new tricks, it also has its complications too. For instance, a lot of people often fall in a similar area – otherwise known as a hotspot.

Combination foam with air is actually what makes a foam pit soft. However, as time goes on, foam clings and sinks in, creating a foam bed around the hotspot areas instead of a soft landing.

Topping off the pit with new or extra foam isn’t the answer either. In fact, trying aesthetic solutions like this is deceivingly dangerous. From the outset, it looks like you’ve added fresher foam cubes to the pit. However, by doing this, you’re giving people the impression it’s soft when actually there’s still a compacted bed of foam waiting underneath.

The catch-22 is that keeping these worn cubes fluffed and your foam pits clean can be very expensive in terms of man hours – which is a valuable commodity a lot of businesses don’t have.

The reality is, a vast majority of staff at trampoline parks, sports coaches and court monitors simply aren’t employed to stay long hours, so getting them to carry out maintenance checks on the foam pits while juggling all of their other responsibilities simply isn’t feasible or realistic.

This is where our innovative foam pit cleanercomes in.

How does the FOAM PIT CLEANER® work?

Now for the magic.

The FOAM PIT CLEANER® has two features, designed to lift or move all the foam at once quickly and effectively.

The cleaner function will make the FOAM PIT CLEANER® fully inflate until it’s solid. As a result, this will push the foam cubes to the side of the pit, easily allowing you to hoover all areas of the pit in minutes instead of hours. You’ll also be able to efficiently clear away any resulting foam particles and dust as they land in the skirting of the pit too.

To reverse the effects of compacting foam cubes in hotspot areas, the foam pit fluffer feature is the perfect solution. The FOAM PIT CLEANER® will inflate to a certain point and push the foam up – leaving them fluffed and ready for action.

How can the FOAM PIT CLEANER® benefit your business?

One of the most compelling advantages of the FOAM PIT CLEANER® is the fact that you can complete a six-hour cleaning job done by four or more people within a hour. Ultimately, this saves you a lot of money and effort – which can equate to a number of things.

The element of time will act as a positive ‘domino effect’ on your business, with regular maintenance of the foam pits helping to create a fresher and safer experience for your customers.

As well as having the ability to clean every pit and fluff cubes quickly, the FOAM PIT CLEANER® will help to maximise the lifespan of the foam cubes (if used correctly) and give you an opportunity to dispose of any that are no longer safe to use. Over time, this will save your business more money and remove the need to replace a whole foam pit all at once, which can be rather costly.

Finding customers’ lost valuables will no longer feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack as well, as the FOAM PIT CLEANER® will give you access to the pit floor within minutes.

If you have concrete based pits, you can also choose to include a redundancy bed to provide a safer under layer. Unlike trampoline beds which are costly and often tricky to maintain, the redundancy bed means that around a third of a foam pit won’t necessarily require cubes, saving you further money on buying new ones.

Price starting at €8.500,- / $9.000,-, including a 5-year warranty, installation on location, full safety training, a maintenance kit and TÜV product certification for safety & quality, it’s an investment worth making for those who wish to profit from more time.

See our product page for more information.