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Master the art of flight at Flight Deck 53, located in the historical Clemens church in Hilversum.

By 7th March 2019March 26th, 2020No Comments

This summer Flight Deck 53 opened its doors to the public with its one of a kind venue.

What makes Flight Deck 53 so special?

The Clemens church has not been in use by the Catholics since 1996, but was restored by the local government in 2010. They saved it from destruction and restored the beautiful Neo-Romanesque and Byzantine building style back to its former glory.

Today the church has a whole new purpose now that Flight Deck 53 transformed it to the unique combination of a church and a trampoline park. Saskia de Wit, owner of Flight Deck 53 designed the venue so the beautiful features of the church remained visible. The paintings and the glasswork surrounding the trampoline park give it a serene atmosphere.

“We always wanted to have the features of the monument visible when we made the set-up design of the church and as you can see, it looks great! ”

Flight Deck 53 strives to offer the youth that are too old for the ball pit but too young for the bar, a place where they can hang out and enjoy themselves.

They offer jumping and freerunning classes/sessions for the youth to practice their skills and get away from their mobile phones for some fun exercise. Saskia chose two BigAirBag FOAMPITS® for the brand-new park with the softest of landings.

Check out this video to have a look: