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How to create an unique Trampoline Experience – Bounce Inc Dubai and Foam Pit BigAirBag®

By 18th February 2019April 20th, 2020No Comments

When it comes to fun and safety, BigAirBag has one of the best Foam Pits. We are glad to introduce you to the collaboration between BigAirBag® and Bounce INC, they being one of the flagships in the world of trampoline parks.

The flagship in Trampoline Industry

Bounce INC opened their first venue in Melbourne, and at the moments, they have more than 32 locations across 4 continents. They opened the venue in Dubai in 2014 and constantly continued to improve it. 

The trampoline park includes adventure features, interconnected indoor trampolines and free-falls turning the available space into an amazing fun platform for all target groups. 

The rush of BOUNCE is infectious. Look around and everyone’s buzzing, no matter which part of our indoor trampoline centre they’re having a go at. Whether they’re running up The Wall, launching into the Big Bag or loosening up in the Free-Jump Arena, it’ll be pure awesomeness every time.

The beauty of Bounce parks is that every individual chooses how challenging to spend their time. They can perform and improve acrobatic skils or just use the session to jump into an airbag. 

To further develop the opportunities of the visitors, in 2019, the trampoline park from the United Arab Emirates, teamed up with BigAirBag®. As a result, now, you can practice complex aerial moves and land in a massive, soft and inflatable airbag. The section where you can try the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® is called “Performance Trampoline” and is surrounded by padded walls and trampolines which provides safe surroundings to practice the movements. 

Dylan, a BigAirBag installer set in place the FOAM PIT in Dubai. He was really pleased with the final result.

It is very nice to see children jumping on the BigAirBag and having fun together with their friends and family.

Why a FOAM PIT BigAirBag®?

In Bounce INC Dubai, 3 Foam Pit airbags were installed for different activities. Two jump bags can be used to perform complex and fun air movements. The third one is paired with a slide, giving the opportunity to slide into an airbag while having an adrenaline rush.

NOTE: The photo is a representation of our Foam Pit BigAirBag in combination with a slide. The picture was not taken in BOUNCE INC Dubai Trampoline Park

Choosing the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® was an obvious choice due to its features:

  • Excellent and safe impact absorption → the interconnected air-pillars absorb the impact uniformly.
  • Simultaneous landings possible → the FOAM PIT allows simultaneous landings resulting in a high throughput.
  • Fully customizable → the airbag can be adjusted to fit various indoor venues. Moreover, it is highly customizable giving the possibility to have a high-quality print on it (even glowing in the dark).
  • Innovative blower system → the safety and reliability of the blowers is assured by their advanced positioning within the airbag. It eliminates the risk of kinked blower hoses, thereby future blower damages.
  • High-quality fabrics → by using German materials, the FOAM PIT  BigAirBag® provides durability and flexibility at the same time. While the satin top-sheet is nice and soft.

The future of Trampoline Parks

From now on, the customers of Bounce Dubai will be able to jump in the BigAirBag® FOAM PIT, experiencing a high level of softness, comfort and safety.

The project between Bounce INC and BigAirBag® will continue with others installations which will be performed soon.  This and others collaborations with various Trampoline Parks proves the importance of a high quality airbag in the industry because people like to perform bag jumps and feel safe.