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BigAirBag®Landing in the leisure industries

By 28th November 2017No Comments

Under the slogan „redefine your limits” BigAirBag® has blurred the lines between imagination and reality by developing airbag products designed to help athletes and enthusiasts develop their abilities within a safe environment.

Their latest innovation, the Landing BigAirBag® simulates a real landing while still providing fall safe protection, allowing both athletes and sports enthusiasts alike to explore beyond established physical and mental boundaries. In preparation for the 2018 Winter Olympics games in South Korea, the British Olympic Freestyle team has invested in a special weapon designed to help them defeat the fierce international competition – A gigantic Landing BigAirBag® for training the most technically difficult tricks out there while steering clear of injuries.

For some the product range is essential to their success as professional athletes, while for the majority it is more about having fun and exploring limits. The fact is that there is nothing more fulfilling than achieving something you thought was too difficult or impossible. This unique experience expands your mind, increases your confidence and with it your physical abilities, but that is really just the tip of the ice berg. The BigAirBag® product range has opened up all sorts of possibilities for creating fun, exciting activities which not only appeal to everyone, but have the added advantage of being highly educational.