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Inside Hoorn’s combined trampoline, BMX and skate park: Samcity

By 26th February 2019March 26th, 2020No Comments

Following the big launch of Samcity in 2018, we met up with their team to find out how they’re getting on with our

BigAirBag® FOAM PIT and to learn about their secrets to success.  

Opened on 10thNovember 2018, Samcity prides itself on creating an exciting and challenging activity park for all ages – which it certainly achieves in abundance. This innovative park boasts facilities catered for customers who wish to BMX, skate and trampoline, making it a serious hotspot in Noord-Holland for both enthusiasts and pros alike.

The idea to combine all of the activities under one roof ultimately derived from two factors – to widen the range of sports on offer to the local community and the fact that they had a club permit which allowed them to utilise all of the building. Since opening, Samcity has experienced a bright start in every sense of the word. Co-owner, John Kleverlaan, said: “We were very lucky with the building period. The process went faster than we thought because of the good weather in the summer, so we could start right when the fall began.”

““Everyone is very happy with the completion and how we arranged it – so a lot of good feedback.””

The park is also a hit from a regulatory point of view as well, with it being completely TÜV certified. This has already encouraged professional BMX riders to use the facilities on a regular basis.

Why BigAirBag FOAM PITS?

As a part of the build process, Samcity decided to purchase two BigAirBags® FOAM PITS too.

“In short, we could really identify with BigAirBag and what they stand for, which was a bigger factor than the product itself. Traditional foam pits are also deteriorating a lot faster than BigAirBag’s products, so that is also a big reason why we bought them and will continue buying them in the future”, John explained.

“Maintenance wise it is way more hygienic and easier. It costs us a lot of work and time to maintain traditional foam pits compared to the BigAirBag® FOAM PIT ”, he added. As a whole, Samcity has experienced better run through times too, with kids (in particular) finding it a lot easier to get out of the pit.

What does the future hold for Samcity?

There have been mixed opinions in response to the announcement of skateboarding being named as an Olympic sport in the 2020 Tokyo games. However, John is in favour of this new chapter in the history of extreme sports; “I think that you have to move with the time, everything is evolving and is improving just like every other sport.”


“If you remain to stagnate, the sport could even fade away and that is something that no one wants.”

“I think that the sport is growing because of the big players that are getting involved. The commercial side is what is growing the sport – so, social media, promotion and sponsorships. Now we have big companies associating with the sport, meaning pros are getting paid better and it’s encouraging more children to participate.” As a result of this growing demand for skate, BMX and trampoline facilities, Samcity is undoubtedly paving the way for future generations to flourish in the Netherlands.

The team at Samcity are hoping that these different sports will become a part of the Dutch political agenda to support the backing of the Olympics Committee. John believes that “The Netherlands has some catching up to do compared to other countries in terms of popularity, so there is a lot of growth opportunity.”


“This will also mean that the sport is going to evolve what you’ve already seen in other sports like ice skating, where they’ve found ways to skate even faster. For skateboarding, this will mean more tricks, higher demands and better practice conditions. BigAirBag is also contributing to that.”

One thing’s for sure, the facilities at Samcity will have enthusiasts and pros from around the Netherlands jumping for joy for years to come – and we’re proud to be associated with them.

Click on the video to take a look at the first session in the park