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Master your skills at Jumpskillz

By 27th March 2017No Comments

There are many trampoline parks in the Netherlands, but Jumpskillz in Purmerend is definitely one that is standing out from the rest!

It does not have one, but two FOAM PIT BigAirBags.

The foam pit airbag at Jumpskillz has a fully branded, soft satin Topsheet with a great design, which provides the softest landings. 

The other week, the BigAirBag crew had the opportunity to go all out for one day to test the training airbag at Jumpskillz to show off some moves. 

The park located just above Amsterdam is very diverse and offers activities for all ages. If you feel like climbing, there is a rope course you can complete! Want to compete against some of your friends? Challenge them for a battle beam fight! 

Their high performance trampolines can be enjoyed by children from small age, teenagers or company outings with special group discounts! 

Want to know more? Check out their website and make sure to have a look at the BigAirBag crew showing off some moves in the video below!