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Les 9 Roues: the story of an inspiring family

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Les9Roues – The story behind

Les9Roues is an inspiring Swiss family consisting of mother Laëtitia, father Tony and children Raoul and Emerique. One day, severe health problems of Laëtitia completely changed the family life. They decided to no longer stay in one place, but started living a travelers life on the road with a big campervan packed with bikes and a huge Landing BigAirBag!

Raoul (11 years old) and Emerique (8 years old) are two highly talented, young, ambitious MTB riders who are dreaming to become professional athletes one day. The new life they’re currently having, gives the young ambitious riders the perfect opportunity to learn and progress!

If you cross us on our bikes, you will count 9 wheels!

Laëtitia Schneeberg

Who has never dreamed of giving up everything and setting off in a campervan to travel around the world on the road? The 9 Wheels family did it! More than a choice, a revelation, a degenerative disease which has come to upset the daily life of these siblings.

Life on the road

At the start of this adventure, Laëtitia and Tony obtained cantonal authorization, being able to give private education to their children when living on the road. On average, Raoul and Emerique have a maximum of 2 hours school per day from October to May, following the Swiss program. They focus on teaching French, maths, English, German and geography. This is only a small part in what the children learn, since living on the road comes with lots of manual work! Mechanics, cooking, coloring and all essential skills to learn!

bigairbag-les9roues (3)

“At the start, everything was adventure. Find the
destination, the spot where to sleep, where to get supplies, drain, fill, find laundromats, be very careful with water, electricity (solar panels), laundry, gas, find our route (when the GPS does its own thing and takes us to the heart of the small narrow streets of Marseille ...), not to be robbed, to organize lessons, to make your mark in bike-parks and of course to speak another language''

A true passion for sport

One thing they all have in common is a true passion for sport. Laëtitia and Tony, two caring parents with a big love for biking, are providing their kids Raoul and Emerique with the unique opportunity for chasing their dream of becoming professional athletes one day!

We were also able to meet these “icons” of mountain biking, Raoul had the incredible chance to ride the MBA of La Poma Bikepark (Spain), in the company of Andreu Lacondeguy, Jackson Goldstone and Nico Vink!


Les9Roues – Organizing events

Traveling around in their ”Dear Big Dude” (previous motorhome) they received a lot of support, including Black Pig, a brewer in the Swiss Jura, Elie Robert prorider and mountain bike teacher in the Lubéron and BigAirBag.

The highly advanced campervan with trailer hitch is now fully packed with a beautifully designed Landing BigAirBag, a momentum ramp, a giant jump and a couple of blowers, making it an amazing portable setup!

Under the name of Les9Roues, an association
whose objectives are: to promote sport in general,
Down Hill mountain biking, slopestyle mountain biking, freestyle BMX and the trike (3-wheel recumbent bike), the family is booked for shows and events all around Europe, bringing joy, happiness and inspiration to the people they meet!


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