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King of Diga in Chioggio Italy 2008

By 29th July 2020August 3rd, 2020No Comments

What is King of Diga?

King of Diga is an event organizor who’s mission is to give space to freestyle: the latest trendsnews and the whole world of alternative sports. 

The base, the headquarters of King of Diga, is Sottomarina, since 1995: the beach has now become the meeting point for sportsmen and passionate spectators. It is the place where sport, music, fun and fantastic competitions meet.

Back in 2008, King of Diga organized a special event, sponsored by big brands as Coca Cola and Malibu. The event was held on the beach in Chioggio Italy in collaboration with BigAirBag and Neveplast. They created a massive inrun with artificial snow and a BigAirBag underneath to entertain thousands of visitors with freestyle skiing/snowboarding tricks on a tropical day at the beach.


A video of King Diga in 2008

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