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Superpark Bangkok: Multiple activities to get you moving

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Endless possibilities 

When in 2004 the first trampoline park was built, many entrepreneurs around the world used this idea to grow their own business without going to much off the initial idea. Indoor playgrounds have a similar story!

Taneli Sutinen is the founder of Superpark Finland and he clearly had his thoughts on various activities. The idea of a diverse indoor playground was born when he took his daughter out for a day of joy. He noticed that a big part of the indoor parks existed of trampoline parks, offering a limited amount of activities. He decided to make a change.

At Superpark they believe that learning new inverts and skills while having fun is providing people with the right energy. Therefore they created a diverse indoor entertainment park with playgrounds for all ages, divided in three main areas:

Adventure area 

Children are made to move with joy! But adults are too! SuperPark encourages visitors to join an unique experience for all ages! The Adventure Area has a lot to offer: obstacle walls, trampolines, zip wires, slides, playtowers and a pedal car racing track to name a few.

Game arena

SuperPark’s Game Arena is a great place to swing for the stands in the Baseball nets, hone their jump shot at Street Basketball, or shoot for the pin at Golf Range. There are different sports for kids or families. This indoor activity park has it all! When attempting for a new high score, your performance will be measured by radars and other digital systems. 

Freestyle hall 

The skate and scooter world, the trampolines, the foam pit, the climbing wall and the gymnastics floor of SuperPark’s Freestyle Hall provide a conducive environment for putting your skills to the test. It is an all-in-one indoor sports park that has to be seen to be believed. Supporting beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.


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The role of BigAirBag

BigAirBag and Superpark have succesfully worked together on their dream to merge freestyle and adventure sports. With BigAirBag as a partner Superpark was able to create a ‘’reduced risk environment’’ for people to learn new skills without having the fear of getting injured. For the real thrill seekers, our team has built a drop slide attraction with a Foam Pit BigAirBag underneath. Imagine hurtling down a 5 meters high slide before being launched into the air and landing safely on a BigAirBag. Superpark Bangkok is definitely a place worth visiting, while the endless possibilities result in guaranteed entertainment for all ages!

As a partner of Superpark we are very proud to co-operate with such an energetic group of people that are always looking for ways to maximize joy within the highest form of safety.

Chris Madder - BigAirBag® Head of Sales

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