Street Diving stunt man Amir Badri walks away from high speed crash

By 7th 3月 2017 No Comments

We are very pleased to announce that Amir Badri has now been released from hospital after crashing at over 100 km/h from a fall from 60 meters. The Fast Forward team captain and world famous stunt professional lost control as he attempted a gainer from 60 meters above ground level.

Amir is a seasoned Street Diving professional and was confident before taking flight from the RAI tower in the centre of Amsterdam. A gainer from that kind of height requires absolute precision and perfect timing.

As always Amir took off in style but soon realised that he had over rotated. As he hurtled through the air attempting to correct the spin it was clear to the team below that he could land on his head. Thankfully Amir managed to control the spin sufficiently to avoid serious injury. The medical team was well prepared moving Amir quickly to Amsterdam hospital for a full body scan. Gladly the event was well planned and all precautions had been taken to ensure the safety of the athletes.

Amir has since been released from first aid with a fracture and will be flying back to Teheran this week. The BigAirBag team wishes Amir a speedy recovery and a safe journey home.

Check out the video below to see what went wrong.

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