Martin Söderström rides “Insane” Landing bag @ Dome adrenaline zone

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 Martin Söderström a current Red Bull athlete and Freestyle Mountain biking extraordinaire recently found himself in the newly opened Dome Adrenaline zone. The two year long project is 6000 Sqm big. It contains three different rooms and each room has its own purpose and is named accordingly; they are ‘Jump and pump, Street Park and Unlimited zone’.

Within these rooms are extreme sports fantasies with 11 different activities including large foam pits and BigAirBags to crash into as well as street parks, skating rinks, trampolines and a ninja warrior course!

It is the ultimate playground for any extreme sport athlete who participates competitively or even just as a hobby. Part owner Joakim Kumlin has recently said, “We hope to attract extreme sport people from all over Scandinavia as this place is unique. We really hope it can become a hotspot for professionals as well as beginners and amateurs”.

One of the biggest attractions has been our very own Landing bag. The concept of a smooth and safe landing allows people to think big and go big. It is the best possible alternative to practice a big trick or create something new, no one other than Martin Söderström agrees himself “ I am especially excited about the Air bag, I can see myself spending a lot of time in this place”.

It was only shortly after when Martin got the freedom to test the BigAirBag out he realised how revolutionary it was and how it’s an exciting prospect. “These air bags are insane. You think it’s going to absorb you, but then you just land and ride away. Maybe we can have these as landings for the future”. Hmm who knows? What do you think of the idea?

Here is a short video of his time at the Dome adrenaline zone

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