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Center Parcs latest attraction: BigAirBag Freefall

By 16th October 2018March 26th, 2020No Comments
Adventure parksFansHot NewsNews


By 16th October 2018November 13th, 2018No Comments

In collaboration with Center Parcs and Duprat Concept we reveal a brand new freefall tower setup using the REVOLUTION BigAirBag®.

“We are extremely happy with the combination of the Jumping tower and BigAirBag® free fall set-up, it is an activity that can be used by everyone! Both staff and guests love the excitement of falling through the air!”

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to jump from 10 meters above the ground level? This unique and unforgettable activity is rapidly becoming one of the most popular attractions for locations such as Center Parcs across the globe. Its high throughput and low running costs create an exciting set-up like nothing seen before.

This easy to construct, use and maintain activity requires our popular 10 x 10 Revolution BigAirBag with a simple to build jumping tower consisting of multiple platforms. Test your fears from a suitable height, work together to push each other to the limits and experience enjoyment like none other.

“We have received nothing but positive reactions in regards to the BigAirBag attraction. It is an activity in which kids and adults can overcome fears. That is what makes this activity so special.”

At BigAirBag we have accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how creating exciting and unforgettable attractions at both indoor and outdoor adventure parks across the globe. Our dedicated team will take care of everything. We offer the complete freefall set-up and can standardize the attraction worldwide meeting global safety regulations.

In order to provide a high level of safety and quality BigAirBag has invested heavily in building the most advanced manufacturing facility. BigAirBag is constantly moving to stay ahead of the curve in meeting the rigorous technical requirements for attraction activities in the 21st century.

“The BigAirBag is a highlight amongst a range of activities we offer and a big plus for Center Parcs Port Zélande.”

Freefall set-up with BigAirBag REVOLUTION is the right choice for parks with limited space looking for a thrilling and unforgettable attraction.


Technical Data

BigAirBag Revolution Dimensions
Jumping Tower Height
Number of Platforms
Minimum participant age
Speed at impact
Time until impact


10 x 10 x 3m
Approx 13.5m
3 Platforms – 4m / 7m / 10m
3-4 per minute
14.00 m/s

Notice the multiple activities you can install around the tower construction. Center Parcs Port Zélande chose abseiling and rock-climbing but the possibilities are endless! This is perfect for Adventure parks with limited space who want something available for everyone, an activity that stands out and an airbag that offers a completely new and exciting thrill for your customers. Check out the images below and gather an understanding of what we can achieve working together!


Do you need more info about the Freefall attraction?

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在荷兰Center Parcs 公园和杜普拉特概念公园的合作中,我们用BigAriBag REVOLUTION安全着陆大气垫,为其打造了全新的自由跳落塔项目


你曾经有想过从十米高的地方坠落是什么感觉吗?这个独特而又难忘的活动已经风靡全球,在像是Center Parcs 已经成为著名的景点之一。超级碰撞吸收性能和用户低价使用成本造就了这个BigAirBag史无前例的自由落体塔。

10 x 10 米Revolution大气垫是我们的热销产品 –易安装,易操作,不需要过多的技术维护,我们简单构造出了这个自由坠落塔。站在适当的高度来测试你的胆量和我们一起挑战你的极限,享受从未有过的快乐之感!



为了确保生产高质量安全产品, BigAirBag投入了大量的时间和精力来专心打造先进制造机械。我们一直在像21世纪最高科技看齐,确保技术可打造完美安全的大气垫。

“在Center Parcs Port Zélande中,BigAirBag打造的自由坠落塔是个大亮点,对我们的主题公园大大加分。 ”

由BigAirBag REVOLUTION搭建的自由坠落塔占地空间小是主题公园的最佳选择。





10 x 10 x 3m
约 13.5m
3 个平台,分别是4m / 7m / 10m
每分钟3 – 4 个
14.00 m/s

自由坠落塔可在公园的任何地方被安装,安装的地点有无限可能!荷兰Center Parcs Port Zélande 选择在岩石攀岩墙周围搭建这个自由坠落塔。对于冒险公园来说,这是个非常不错的选择 – 占地空间并不大而却能够吸眼球。下方图片展示了我们产品的细节,点击主页获得产品报价哟~



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