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BounceINC in Mumbai: One of the first trampoline parks in India

By 30th November 2019May 19th, 2020No Comments

We were given the opportunity to contribute to one of the first trampoline parks in India, with the installation of one of our products that perfectly fits in the trampoline industry: the BigAirBag FOAM PIT

The biggest trampoline park in India

In November 2019, one of our BigAirBag® Engineers, Dean Sombroek, went all the way to Mumbai in India! He was given a special opportunity: installing a FOAM PIT BigAirBag® in one of the first trampoline parks created in India!

BOUNCE is a Freestyle Playground combining elements of the world’s most exciting freestyle activities in one place. Made up of wall to wall trampolines, BOUNCE is a training ground for some of the world’s leading freestyle athletes, and a skills development facility for free-spirited kids of any age. The brand new park in Mumbai is located in a large shopping mall and is currently known as the biggest of all trampoline parks in India!

I think it's very special to see the amount of creativity BounceINC is able to implement in their trampoline parks. I expect a lot of other parks to be build in the near future, since people in India seem to really love the concept of trampoline parks!

Dean Sombroek - BigAirBag® Engineer

Unique customer experience

The BOUNCE venue is based in Malad, Mumbai. It’s a massive indoor adventure park that provides an adrenaline rush for all ages. Imagine more than 90 interconnected trampolines with the BigAirBag FOAMPIT, Slam Dunk and Dodgeball courts rolled in. It’s also home to the famous BOUNCE X-Park obstacle course so you can get your ninja on! Taste the rush of extreme sports and freestyle gymnastics without the hard landing. Whether you’re practicing your aerial tricks or just getting a killer workout while you warp the laws of gravity, it’ll be pure awesomeness every time. Together with BigAirBag®, BounceINC created a unique customer experience by adding the BigAirBag® FOAM PIT, allowing visitors to unleash their free spirit!

The BigAirBag® FOAM PIT

The low-profile, highly advanced BigAirBag® FOAM PIT features multiple air-pillars which absorb impact individually, allowing for simultaneous landings from 8m above ground level. Due to its unrivalled softness and durability the BigAirBag® FOAM PIT is rapidly becoming the preferred alternative to loose foam pits at trampoline parks, freestyle parks and gymnasiums across the globe.

Having a BigAirBag® FOAM PIT comes with multiple benefits:

  • Excellent and safe impact absorption → the interconnected air-pillars absorb the impact uniformly.
  • Simultaneous landings possible → the FOAM PIT allows simultaneous landings resulting in a high throughput.
  • Fully customizable → the airbag can be adjusted to fit various indoor venues. Moreover, it is highly customizable giving the possibility to have a high-quality print on it (even glowing in the dark).
  • Innovative blower system → the safety and reliability of the blowers is assured by their advanced positioning within the airbag. It eliminates the risk of kinked blower hoses, thereby future blower damages.
  • High-quality fabrics → by using German materials, the FOAM PIT  BigAirBag® provides durability and flexibility at the same time. While the satin top-sheet is nice and soft.

Find out more about the BigAirBag® FOAMPIT!

The future of trampoline parks

From now on, the customers of BOUNCE Mumbai will be able to jump in the BigAirBag® FOAM PIT, experiencing a high level of softness, comfort and safety. The project between Bounce INC and BigAirBag® will continue with others installations which will be performed soon.  This and others collaborations with various Trampoline Parks proves the importance of a high quality airbag in the industry, because visitors love to perform bag jumps and feel safe.

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