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BigAirBag® at the Promise event!

By 20th March 2020April 16th, 2020No Comments

Redefine your limits at The Promise skatepark!

In the first week of March 2020, our team member Dean Sombroek (BigAirBag® Engineer) went to Heerlen, a small town in the Netherlands to visit a beautifully designed skatepark called: The Promise. With the presence of Snowplanet and Jump XL in the area, this part of Heerlen is known to be a hotspot for urban sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, bmx riding and scooter riding.

The Promise event 

Vinnie Janssens is a Heerlen based, professional Mountainbike slopestyle rider who is known to be a loyal guest of The Promise skatepark. He came up with the idea to host an event in collaboration with BigAirBag® in order to raise awareness for the beautiful skatepark.

On the second of March, the fun began. Urban sporters from all over the Netherlands came over to Heerlen to test two of our newest products:

  • The BigAirBag® Thin-bed Landing
  • The BigAirBag® One Piece Lander

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Our newest Landing BigAirBags

After years of development we unveiled the BigAirBag® LANDING which redefined the athlete limitations and advances progression in freestyle action sports. For this moment, the BigAirBag® Thin-bed Landing and the BigAirBag® One Piece Lander are making their entry. Both products result in an ultra realistic platform that mimics a real landing ramp, while providing the fall safe protection you need. We decided to give you an overview of the benefits that come with the new Landing BigAirBags:

The BigAirBag® Thin-bed LANDING 

  • Catterpillar technology – adjusts to any surface
  • Highly advanced fabrics
  • Non-friction Topsheet technology
  • Firm airbag + low-profile  = realistic landing
  • External blower system

The BigAirBag® One Piece Lander

  • Fully customizable size, shape and design
  • Highly advanced fabrics
  • Non-friction Topsheet technology
  • Adjustable softness and firmness
  • Internal blower system included
  • Inflatable ramp included

Need more information about the new Landing BigAirBags? 

The experience of Dean Sombroek

This event was definitely one of the coolest events i've been to. It was very special to see the high attendance and all the enthousiastic sporters try all sorts of tricks on our airbags. Together with the great co-operation and ambiance, the event is without a doubt something to remember.

Dean Sombroek - BigAirBag® Engineer

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