Our history

Founded in a country without mountains

Some might think that it is weird that a product first used for freestyle snowboarding/skiing was created in Holland. But if you have been riding our indoor slopes, then you will know just how unforgiving the landings there are!

Marcel Kraan knew these landings far too well and after years of hard falls, broken bones and injuries, Marcel — an avid snowboard enthusiast from Holland — set his sights on designing a safe training platform for freestyle athletes.


Inspired by the stunt airbags of yesteryear, Marcel set about building the first true freestyle airbag designed specifically for freestyle sports.

Debut in 2005 draws international attention

In 2005 Marcel’s BigAirBag® made its debut to the freestyle sports scene at the indoor snow-sports facility, Snowplanet in Holland. The BigAirBag® was an instant success and before long Marcel was invited to host events at Europe’s largest ski resorts in Austria, France and Switzerland. Recognizing the potential of BigAirBag® as an exciting commercial attraction for ski resorts, the French ski resort, “Les Deux Alps” was 1st to order their very own BigAirBag®.

Recognition by professional riders community

As freestyle snowboarding grew in popularity, soon pro-athletes were competing for large cash prices and lucrative sponsorship deals. BigAirBag® was quickly recognized by the cutting edge of freestyle snowboarding as the best way to progress safely and satisfy the public and commercial demand for bigger and more dangerous tricks.


In early 2006 Red Bull asked BigAirBag® to join the ´Red Bull Gap Session´ in Garmisch Partenkirchen to offer the biggest names in snowboarding a safe landing platform to practice never seen before tricks. The session led to Travis Rice landing the worlds 1st “double back-flip 180” and David Benedeck landing the previously unseen “front-side double cork 1260”.

Growth fuels innovation

As the freestyle sports industry flourished, so too did BigAirBag® – The rigorous demands of pro athletes and the brands behind them pushed the limits even further, fueling the need for product innovation & development, increased safety, quality and durability. New, innovative features, production techniques, cutting edge design and production equipment were implemented to keep BigAirBag® at the forefront of the sports airbag industry.

Event and Marketing potential

Before long another side to the BigAirBag® was revealed – The BigAirBag® doubles up as a giant interactive billboard. Soon big brand names had discovered the potential of BigAirBag® as a powerful advertising media, capable of reaching millions in their target market directly at the point of interest. Today’s BigAirBag®s provide replaceable branding spaces in full color digital print quality.

The worlds first unassisted car backflip

In 2014 Monster energy and Mini turned to BigAirBag® for assistance with one of the craziest stunts in history – The worlds 1st unassisted back-flip with a car. Before the stunt could be landed on dirt, it would have to be attempted using the BigAirBag® Revolution.


Once again BigAirBag® would be tested to its death defying limits, proving itself once more as the strongest and most durable freestyle airbag out there!

Foam Pit Innovation for trampoline parks and gymnasiums

Although BigAirBag® has been offering an alternative to foam pits for over a decade, in 2013 we recognized the need for a lower profile airbag designed as a replacement for loose foam pits at gymnastic facilities and trampoline parks. Although our traditional airbags worked well for other applications, we needed to address the issue of simultaneous landings. BigAirBag® began work designing a solution to include multiple air-pillars which release air individually allowing for simultaneous landings. In 2013 the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® was born, providing a long awaited and hygienic alternative to traditional loose foam pits. Today the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® is rapidly becoming a standard at trampoline parks and gymnasiums across Europe, Australia and the USA.