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O’Marisquino – MTB, BMX and Skate best athletes

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Sun, great weather, beautiful sunsets and the best BMX and skateboard riders. All those factors can be spotted together at O’Marisquiño event in the Maritime Port of Vigo, which is held annually since 2001. 

O’Marisquiño has become the largest Urban Culture and Action Sports event in southern Europe with more than 160,000 people enjoying the riders. A great free festival, in the open air, in the middle of August, facing the sea and that brings together over three days more than ten sports competitions as well as different cultural events. O’Marisquiño has been presenting three world cups for years: World Cup Skateboarding Street, World Cup Skateboarding Miniramp and Dirt FMB World Tour scoring in global rankings, where the best national and international riders meet. 

The LANDING BigAirBag® from a professional competition perspective

In 2019, to give the possibility to the riders to perform even more complicated moves, a 15.5m x 8m BigAirBag® LANDING was used. Instead of building a whole base from dirt, an innovative idea was taken to place the airbag on a special built skate landing platform. The big inflatable landing was used for big bmx and mtb air contests. The airbag pressure can be regualted and set to the most firm setting, stimulating a close to real landing. Combined with our non-friction resi-like topsheet material it gives the riders the possibility to easily perform any trick but also keep them safe during big crashes. The mentioned factors ensures more safety for the athletes so they get more confidence to execute bigger tricks. As a result, they were able to surprise the crowd with unique flips, while being sure that will land safely. 

The event is so special because there were so many pros in so many disciplines. I had the opportunity to see Tom Isted, Brandon Schmidt, Jed Mildon, Alex Alanko, Miguel Guerrero, Nicholi Rogatkin and many others.

Lucas Rutten - Head of Marketing, BigAirBag

The experience of Lucas Rutten

Lucas is a member of BigAirBag®. He was at the event and helped the team to install the big inflatable bag for bmx, mtb and skate. They arrived at the venue one day before and started the preparation. He said that it was one of the most vibrant event in which he participated as part of the installation team. Also Lucas was asked many times: “Where can I buy a landing airbag?” or even “Can you buy airbag cheap in Spain?” He was always glad to help and answer people`s questions.

Vigo is a small, quiet city, but once a year, it explodes with international riders from all around the world.

Lucas Rutten - Head of Marketing, BigAirBag

Find out more information about the BigAirBag Landing

Unique brand exposure with BigAirBag®

Hosting so many disciplines and having highly known brands such as Red Bull, creates a high demand for the event. Except 160,000 life crowd, it was watched in more than 50 countries through live stream. Moreover, the interest was built up by the bike and skate soft airbag landing which sounded more attractive to the athletes, giving them the possibility to perform an incendiary show. 

Not only the BigAirBag® LANDING creates an unique show, it also has interchangeable, full color and high definition side and top-sheets which transforms the airbag into a giant and appealing banner. In combination with thousands of viewers worldwide is a a perfect marketing tool for every company. In addition, an inflatable airbag is a powerful way to reach millions of people on social media, by providing them the chance to shoot an unique content for their profile. 

The BigAirBag offers the opportunity to buy or to rent their products, so it`s accessible for a high range of events.

Overall it was an amazing summer event, where people spent a good time together. O’Marisquino unites professional athletes and individuals which come to listen to music and socialise. It was a pleasure for BigAirBag® to be a part of this event and provide their input in the whole organisational process.

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