There can only be one Landing

After years of development we unveiled the BigAirBag® LANDING which redefined the athlete limitations and advances progression in freestyle action sports.

The revolutionary design and fully customizable shape means the jump bag adopts the contour of the landing area it covers, providing fall safe protection at the knuckle, on the landing ramp itself and finally in the run out area. The result is an ultra realistic training platform that mimics a real landing ramp delivering better impact absorption than a foam pit while still remaining more forgiving than a resi ramp.

01 Features

Fully customizable size,
shape and design

The shape and size of the BigAirBag® LANDING are fully customizable meaning it can be manufactured to cover virtually any landing surface, ramp, hill or contour. An inflatable safety barrier can also be added on the sides of the landing area to prevent riders from sliding off the BigAirBag®.

Adjustable softness and

Multiple adjustable air valves allow for precise and independent adjustment of the firmness of both the upper and lower airbag chambers.

Highly advanced

Only the most advanced, flame retardant German made materials have been incorporated in the BigAirBag® LANDING to provide you with unrivaled durability, strength, reliability and good looks.

Ride away
Topsheet technology

The highly advanced Topsheet material combines strength, durability, flexibility and elasticity. It is neither grippy, nor abrasive allowing you to land and ride away even with sharp ski and snowboard edges.


Our inflatable ramps are cost effective, mobile and ideal for setting up at events and competitions.

Innovative blower
system inside

The innovative blower system is enclosed within the airbag providing protection from the elements, reduced noise, and increased safety by eliminating the risk of kinked blower hoses or unwanted access to the blowers themselves. The optional Blower Alarm System delivers further safety and peace of mind by warning the operator in the event of a blower defect or power cut.

02 Specs

Let’s jump into details of the BigAirBag® LANDING.

How it works

The BigAirBag® LANDING has a two zone impact absorbing system, each with its own internal blower system. Both zones have several air valves which allow you to adjust the zones independantly and precisely. Set up a soft upper chamber with a firm lower chamber for trying tricks for the first time. Ready for the real deal? Set the lower chamber a bit softer and the upper chamber firmer and get ready to ride out those tricks and progress!


Custom sizes available as well as several standard sizes for all ability levels. Starting at 14×6 meter / 46×20 feet

Standard setup: 17×8 meter / 56×26 feet


Purchase a BigAirBag® LANDING from €17.950,- / $19.950,- or inquire for our rental options.

Complete package includes:

  • Multiple-chamber inside air-cushion
  • Removable & replaceable Topsheet(s)
  • 2 Blowers (Optional: Blower Alarm System)
  • Anchoring system
  • Maintenance kit
  • Transportation
  • Installation on location & full safety/maintenance training
  • TÜV product certification for safety & quality
  • Optional: Full color branding

Tell us your idea and get a quote

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Surprise your partners, stakeholders and
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At BigAirBag we go out of our way to help our customers regarding all aspects of their project – Branding is another area in which we excel!

Our team of professional designers are here to help you bring your ideas to life. Please send us your artwork files and we will work with you closely for the best looking results.

03 Inspiration

Freestyle Skiing & Snowboarding

BMX and MTB training

Ultimate training tool for professional athletes

How people use the Landing BigAirBag®

  • Terrain Park/Snow Park Safety
  • Big Air Freeski and Freestyle Snowboard Training
  • Freestyle Skiing & Snowboard Training
  • Alternative to Foam Pit
  • Mountain Bike/BMX Park Airbag Training Platform
  • FMX Training Airbag
  • Weather Resistant Foam Pit Alternative
  • Snowtubing, Tubby Jump & Toboggan
  • Ski Bobs and Ringos
  • Freefall Slide

04 Products


Excellent impact absorption and an easy exit for maximum throughput. Popular airbag at ski resorts, skate parks and bike parks.


Tested from over 60m above ground level the BigAirBag® REVOLUTION can deal with the heaviest of impacts and the hardest of falls.


BigAirBag® ADVENTURE features multiple air-pillars which absorb impact individually, allowing for simultaneous landings from 8m above ground level.


Due to its softness and durability the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® is the preferred alternative to loose foam pits at trampoline parks, freestyle parks and gymnasiums.


Multiple concepts have been developed into complete attractions. Each attraction has a wide target audience with different thrilling activities and multiple revenue streams to create a great return on investment. Modularity and thematization are the core of each attraction, so it will fit in any holiday park, adventure park & theme park


The revolutionary design and fully customizable shape means the BigAirBag® LANDING adopts the shape of the landing area it covers, providing fall safe protection at the knuckle, on the landing ramp itself and finally in the run out area.

05 Why trust us

  • 15+ years of experience
  • Over 2500 installations worldwide
  • Market leader of airbags in sport & leisure
  • Hand built exclusively in Holland using the finest German made materials
  • All BigAirBag® products are TÜV certified for quality and safety
Trusted by smart brands

Most air bags that we see in the Alps are flat, but this is where this is one is different – it’s the shape of an actual landing, so once you’ve got it down here you can replicate the trick on snow. It’s super fun and perfect for taking the sting out of those bigger tricks you want to learn. Hands up, it’s different, it is unique, and if you want to go and prep tricks for snow, right now I think there is no better way to go. It’s perfect to learn the correct take off and you can physically land and ride away!

Aimee Fuller - Professional Olympic SnowboarderRed Bull - Roxy - Vans

After a few tries I already had a new trick down! The BigAirBag® LANDING is going to speed up my progress of learning tricks enormously. This really is the ultimate training tool.

Thibault Figone - Professional MTB Rider

I installed the BigAirBag® LANDING at my training facility. After about a week, one of my visitors landed a trick only Travis Pastrana landed so far. He is now working on adding another spin to land a world's first. The best thing is, I have another guy also working on a world's first trick with a trial bike. The opportunities are endless with this product!

Patrick Guimez - Professional BMX RiderOwner of PG Freestyle show

BigAirBag® helps me to push the boundaries of going big on my BMX bike. Never felt better to crash and know that all will be good when you land.

Desmond TessmakerProfessional BMX Rider

BigAirBag® is not only the safest way to learn new tricks but also makes a spectacular addition to any event. It allows riders to try and dare more than on a normal landing allowing them to progress quickly.

Sven BoekhorstProfessional Inline Skater - Two times X-Games medal winner