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Adventure parksNewsTrampoline parks


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JUMP XL is  the biggest European network of Trampoline Parks, which is growing rapidly with over 45 trampoline parks installed in countries such as The Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium and Thailand, which is their only non-EU representative. They have also installed a park in Lublin in Poland, which could be the start and entry point to the eastern European market. Their quality of service and popularity represent their status as the leading and largest network of trampoline parks in Europe. They have approximately 8,000 visitors per park each month. This is mainly due to the wide range of activities and events they can hold, allowing a wide variety of people to make use of the facility. Activities such as free jumping, jump lessons, jump parties and jump fitness have become very popular due to the growing belief that they are considered real ‘fat burners’. They are considered great, low injury risk trainings all thanks to the suspension of the trampolines. People see it as a more bearable and fun way of getting fit as opposed to going to the gym or doing a generic fitness class.

If you are questioning whether or not ‘trampolining’ is a safe activity with people hopping around and bouncing of walls etc., well question no more as they have recorded a pretty impressive 99.983 % safety stat. This reflects the emphasis put on the quality of policies and supervisors they have in place. The supervisors are also trained so if they are in the unlikely event where an injury has occurred then it can be dealt with appropriately. The quality of the air bags and foam pits provided by BigAirBag, also allows the clients to do crazy stunts and tricks provided they land the correct way – on one’s back.


Jump XL aspires to be an organization with the largest network of trampoline parks in Europe and another Dutch company called ELI PLAY is their producer. They produce the Jump XL parks all over the world. Jump XL works with a B2B method, which helps companies realize their park management, marketing,  design and layout. They then advise them on opening to the public in various locations and follow up the process by continuing their support until they have a firm, solid base from which the company can then independently progress.


“ELI is our true partner: reliable, innovative and very collaborative. Together we’ve built the best and most exciting trampoline park in Poland: Jump XL Luiblin. Both design and installation process was super smooth and professional!”


says the manager of Jump XL Lublin Marcin Witkowski which speaks volumes about the the quality and professionalism of the service provided.


They ensure products are put into the most appropriate locations, and where they will be of most use. They also make everything look as if the park is like a neat path for friends, family and children to run around and have a day of fun. Trampolines, BigAirBags and foam pits are ensured to be running effectively in order to provide a pleasurable experience for the customers. Jump XL has a range of professional services which they can provide to companies of all sizes to ensure that these firms can be at the top of their game.


For more information check out their website!


JUMP XL是欧洲最大的蹦床公园连锁品牌,该品牌正在迅速发展,在荷兰,法国,德国,比利时和泰国等国家安装了超过45个蹦床公园。他们还在波兰的卢布林安装了一个公园,这可能是东欧市场的起点和入口。他们高服务质量和超级受欢迎程度巩固了他们作为欧洲领先和最大的蹦床公园连锁品牌的地位。建造的公园每个月大概有8,000名访客左右。这里为各式各样的人群开张不一样的活动 – 自由跳跃,跳跃课程,跳跃派对和跳跃健身等活动已经变得非常流行。参与者认为,蹦床运动是一种低风险,多了去的运动项目。不禁可以打来运动的快乐,而且可以用于娱乐健身来燃烧脂肪。

如果你质疑’蹦床’是否是一种安全的活动,人们跳来跳去,墙壁弹跳等等一些问题,那么就不用再问了,因为他们已经记录了相当令人印象深刻的数据- 蹦床运动有高达99.983%的安全性。这反映了他们对所制定的政策和监督者的质量的重视。就算是万一发生安全事故,我们有经验丰富的教练可以对情况进行处理。BigAirBag提供高质量的气囊和泡沫坑,无论在空中做出多么疯狂的特技和技巧,只要他们正确的以背部方式着陆,就可以百分百保证游戏人的安全。


Jump XL作为欧洲最大蹦床公园连锁品牌,为其供应产品是来自荷兰的一家名叫ELI PLAY的公司。他们为Jump XL 在全球范围内的各个公园提供相关产品。 Jump XL采用B2B方法,帮助加盟商实现公园管理,营销,设计和布局。公司提供企业培训,通过分析来指点加盟商来开展因地而异的公众项目。采用跟进过程方式,直到加盟商有一个坚实的基础,可以独立运作。


ELI是我们真正的合作伙伴:可靠,创新和协作。我们一起建造了波兰最好,最令人兴奋的蹦床公园:Jump XL Luiblin。设计和安装过程都非常流畅和专业!“Jump XL Lublin Marcin Witkowski的经理说道,该系列讲述了所提供服务的质量和专业性

他们确保将产品放置在最合适、最常用的位置。整个公园采用主题公园式的简单设计,可以让家人和孩子四处奔波并享受一天欢乐之旅。确保蹦床,BigAirBag气垫和泡沫坑有效运行,以便为客户提供愉悦的体验。 Jump XL拥有一系列世界领先的专业服务,可以为各种规模的公司提供服务。)For more information check out their website!(更多详情,参观他们的网站吧!