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The Foam Pit attraction Specialist

With the growth of the indoor trampoline park industry in recent years BigAirBag® soon recognized the demand for a hygienic alternative to the traditional loose foam pit.

The FOAM PIT BigAirBag® – A low profile, highly durable airbag designed to cope with multiple simultaneous landings from up to 8 meters above ground level. Today the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® is the most durable, reliable and safe alternative to traditional foam pits on the market. 

01 Why Trampoline Parks love us

No dust or toxic foam in your sports facility

The traditional foam pits create a big amount of dust during use. Moreover, the foam pit blocks are impregnated with toxic fire retardants. Unfortunately these same toxic fire retardants become airborne in the form of dust particles!

The easy exit: up to 10 jumps per minute

Unlike with foam exiting the airbag is a piece of cake! Each jumper can simply walk off the bag and go back to the starting point.


Just turn on the blowers and let the fun begin. No top ups, no ordering foam, no fluffing foam, no cleaning dust, no searching for belongings, no unwanted visitors and reduced downtime.

Custom built
for your facility

Built perfectly to fit your pit dimensions and the space you have available.

International certified for quality and safety

The FOAM PIT BigAirBag® is internationally certified for safety and quality and complies fully with the ASTM, IATP, ATPA and PAS 5000 guidelines for impact attenuating airbags.

02 Possible use

BigAirBag® specialists can help you create unique and unforgettable attractions that appeal to all age groups and target markets.

Freestyle jumpers can try a new move and improve in a safe environment. In combination with our high performance trampolines the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® offers freestylers, athletes, gymnasts and trampolinists a safe environment to train complex aerials.

Jumpers can free fall from platforms from 3, 5 and 8 meters above the ground. 

Gladiator battle beam! High above the BigAirBag, the objective is to avoid the defeat and the long free fall into the pit below.

Slacklining 5 meters above the ground is not for the faint hearted and makes for yet another exciting trampoline park attraction.

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03 How trampoline parks use BigAirBag®

  • Freestyle jumping
  • High Performance Training
  • Free fall area
  • Obstacle courses
  • Gladiator battle beam
  • Slacklining

Indoor Ninja Park

Interactive BigAirBag System

Extreme slide to BigAirBag

04 Products


Excellent impact absorption and an easy exit for maximum throughput. Popular airbag at ski resorts, skate parks and bike parks.


Tested from over 60m above ground level the BigAirBag® REVOLUTION can deal with the heaviest of impacts and the hardest of falls.


BigAirBag® ADVENTURE features multiple air-pillars which absorb impact individually, allowing for simultaneous landings from 8m above ground level.


Due to its softness and durability the FOAM PIT BigAirBag® is the preferred alternative to loose foam pits at trampoline parks, freestyle parks and gymnasiums.


Multiple concepts have been developed into complete attractions. Each attraction has a wide target audience with different thrilling activities and multiple revenue streams to create a great return on investment. Modularity and thematization are the core of each attraction, so it will fit in any holiday park, adventure park & theme park


The revolutionary design and fully customizable shape means the BigAirBag® LANDING adopts the shape of the landing area it covers, providing fall safe protection at the knuckle, on the landing ramp itself and finally in the run out area.
Front flips per day
Trampoline parks are using BigAirBags®
Foam blocks got replaced last month

Tell us your idea and get a quote

Upload your logo and receive a branded 3D-impression

Personalised Branding

Our super soft satin Topsheets not only give you the feeling of landing in a cloud but they also transform your foam pit area into an interactive advertising billboard in full color, high definition print quality.

Social Media Advertising with the BigAirBag® action sports photo/video setup

The BigAirBag® photo/video setup is an incredibly powerful way to advertise your trampoline park and reach thousands of people in your target market. Guests simply log in at the start point module with their social media accounts, jump, and share their action sports photo/video online. Soon your adventure park brand name will be spread through social media networks like wildfire.

05 Why trust us

  • Market leader of airbags in sport & leisure
  • 16+ years of experience
  • Over 3500 installations worldwide
  • Manufactured exclusively in the Netherlands using the finest German made materials, manufacturing techniques and machinery
  • All BigAirBag® products are TÜV and Vincotte certified for quality and safety
Trusted by smart brands

Safety, Quality and Durability are the three main traits MaxAir Trampolines shares with BigAirBag® as we work together to offer customers the unique combination of High Performance Custom Freestyle Trampolines, along with the safest and most customizable AirBag company in the world. We highly recommend BigAirBag® for the highest quality AirBags which are delivered and installed efficiently in a global market.

Steve Chan - Co-FounderMaxAir Trampolines

Here at JUMP INC we decided to choose BigAirBag® as our strategic partner for all our trampoline parks for their innovation and constantly moving their products forwards ties in with our own company goals. The team at BigAirBag® have delivered nothing but excellent customer service from day one and cannot do enough to support our business and are always on hand for any help and advice. Their innovation and customer service really sets them apart from the rest of the market

Chris Hayes - Managing DirectorJUMP INC UK

BigAirBag® has given me the opportunity to take my skills to the next level. It helped me get over my fears and able to push the limits of my sport which eventually led to landing a never before seen trick!

Martin Drumev - Professional tricker

We did a lot of research before opening our first trampoline park and we decided early on that we wanted to have a BigAirBag®. A decision we never have regretted. We have this feature in all our parks now because it's by far our most popular attraction in every park. The maintenance is very easy, especially if you compare it to a foam pit. I would strongly recommend BigAirBag® to anyone looking for top quality and great service.

Tobias Larsson - Development ManagerYOUMP Trampoline Parks

I have been delighted with the service received from the BigAirBag® team. They are proactive and quick to help with any queries or solve any issues if they occur. The bag itself, from a trampoline operators view point is easy to maintain and customers really enjoy the experience of the bag and the soft Topsheet. We have an amazing bespoke design produced by BigAirBag® for our Topsheet which looks awesome!

Chris Payne - OwnerJump Jam Trampoline Parks

We have two BigAirBags in our trampoline park and we are 100% satisfied. After more than two years of operation, the products have not caused any problems. Our guests aged 4 to over 60 enjoy the soft landing in the airbags every day! The maintenance is also easily manageable, here we have absolutely no effort in everyday life.

Marcel Wallenhorst - GMUpSprung Trampoline Park