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Subscribe: BigAirBag Street Diving!

By 7th April 2016No Comments

Win a sponsorship deals worth THOUSANDS of euros and become the 1st BigAirBag Street Diving Champion!
From the 29th to the 30th of April the Urban Sports Week in Amsterdam will play host to a new, exciting, adrenaline pumped sport: Street Diving!
It doesn’t matter if you are a snowboarder, a free-skier, a gymnast, free-runner or a cliff diver – Everybody is welcome to come and try their luck from our launch pad towering 22m above the Amsterdam skyline. The coolest, most stylish, most daring and graceful jumper will walk away with the price money and the Street Diving Champion title!
Register for free now and compete to become the first ever BigAirBag Street Diving Champion in front of a hungry crowd in the heart of Amsterdam.
Contact: [email protected] for info, trainings options and your application form.