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Störtebeker Festival et leur airbag révolutionnaire ignifuge!

By 8th July 2016December 1st, 2023No Comments

Since 1993 the “Störtebeker Festspiele” has been bringing the legendary tails of the heroic character of Klaus Stoertebeker to life in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors in Ruegen, Germany.

The realistic set is nothing short of breathtaking featuring an entire village and a real life pirates ship!

The Störtebeker Festspiele employs over 140 extras, 20 actors, 30 horses and a team of professional stunt men to create what is a truly unforgettable show. Peter Hick the director of the “Stoertebeker Festspiele” contacted BigAirBag because their older stunt airbags were damaged and no longer up to date. We invited Peter Hick and the head of his stunt team Balasz Kiss to test our products here in Amsterdam.

To our delight they were very impressed with how stunt airbags have developed as a result of the freestyle sports scene and the use of airbags as an alternative to foam pits. Soon after Peter ordered a custom built Adventure BigAirBag which allows for simultaneous landings.

Peter and his stunt professional Balasz Kiss could quickly see all the possibilities of how this revolutionary stunt airbag could be used to bring action scenes to life. Now several people could fall safely from towers and buildings at the same time making the scenes even more dramatic.

Moving forward their Adventure BigAirBag will be fitted with a double sided Topsheet featuring a Kevlar bottom and a molton top. The state of the art stunt airbag is now ready for action scenes involving falls from over 10 meters on fire!!

If you want to see the action unfold then we recommend getting down to the Störtebeker Festspiele and taking a look for yourself: