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Process Park year-round multisport freestyle setup

By 1st August 2016No Comments

Prosess Park in Anzère (Switzerland) was developed by two freeskiers Grégory Bonvin & Steven Hager. It’s a freestyle park and ski school where everyone can train to improve their freestyle skills. The idea for a freestyle park was born in 2013 after a long recovery of an ACL injury which happened during a hard landing.  Grégory and Steven decided to buy a BigAirBag REVOLUTION to be able to train new tricks with soft landings to prevent future injuries. “We heard a lot about airbags in freestyle sports industry and the progress you can make on an airbag. So we knew we needed to have an airbag to develop a new structure in our resort in Anzère. We did a lot of research into different airbag manufacturers and found BigAirBag to provide the best product”.

After intensively testing their new BigAirBag, they decided to open a year round setup for the public. Not only can you now train your ski and snowboard tricks in winter, but in summer you can bring your BMX, mountainbike, inline skates, skateboard, scooter, or jump on their trampoline!

“Our park has been developing strongly since 2013 and we now organize contests, lessons, teams trainings, company outings. The team of BigAirBag has advised us a lot with the best way to set up our jump, which was great!”

For more information on Prosess, check out their website: