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Hooked Festival 2016

By 8th July 2016November 1st, 2016No Comments

Hooked Festival offers a weekend full of kitesurfing, windsurfing, climbing, skateboarding, slacklining, BMX’ing, camping and discovering for people of all ages. We set up a BigAirBag FREESTYLE so people could experience jumping of a big ramp and try new tricks!

There were even a few pro’s there to show us how it’s done. Here is a couple of nice pictures we took and a short aftermovie:


hooked 2016 bigairbag bmx drop inhooked 2016 bmx jump bigairbagHooked 2016 BigAirBag bmxhooked 2016 backflip mountainboard bigairbaghooked 2016 bigairbag mountainboardhooked 2016 bmx drop in bigairbag