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Greek summer FuNbaG by riders tour with Bigairbag

By 8th December 2010No Comments

Dirfis Megadownhill 2010
On the Weekend 1-2 of May 2010, we had, with big success, mountain bike downhill race at Dirfis Mountain with more than 100 Greeks and foreign participants. Piranha’s bmx-team, FuNbaG By Riders with gave a spectacular view to hundreds of viewers, doing impressive jumps with absolute secure, landing in a Bigairbag 9×15 meters.
Youth Fest Gerakad-Attika 2010
Saturday 26 of June 2010 Piranha’s bmx-team and FuNbaG By Riders gave another spectacular view to hundreds of viewers. that event had all the ‘big’ names of Greek bmx stage. We had John and Panagiotis Manaras, Spyros and Charis Tiniakos, Alex and George Felekis, Tasos Kosmatopoulos, Galatianos, Baladoros and many more.
Metamorfosi – Attika – autumn 2010
17 of September we had another similar event. the crowd was more than 700 persons, and the night jumps was the best closing of a good season.

foto by: Korina Dimitriou