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UK trampoline parks moving away from foam pits

By 1st February 2016July 12th, 2016No Comments

UK trampoline parks moving away from foam pits

Trampoline parks are the new craze in the UK. There are now over 50 indoor trampoline parks such as Bounce GB in Milton Keynes, Jump INC in Rotherham, Gravity Force in London, Bounce Revolution in Manchester, Go Air in Cardiff and Airhop in Bristol to name just a few.

Although some of these trampoline parks are still using traditional foam pits many have opted to do away with foam pit blocks and replace them with airbags. Although traditional foam pits will always have their place, the Foam Pit BigAirBag offers a solution to many of the down sides such as poor hygiene, getting stuck, low jump frequency and the high maintenance costs associated with them.

BigAirBag, a member of the IATP (International association of trampoline parks) is rapidly becoming the largest supplier of airbags that replace foam pits to the rapidly growing UK trampoline park market.

For further info regarding the Foam Pit BigAirBag please follow this link: Contact