Spartan Adventure Park: The Journey to Creating a Brilliant Customer Experience

How BigAirBag Improves the Customer Experiences at Trampoline Parks

With customer experience and hygiene more important than ever in 2021, discover how Spartan Adventure Park became leaders in both respects with the help of a BigAirBag®.

After an unprecedented year of challenges, the importance of providing an excellent customer experience has intensified.

Interestingly, in an Edelman Trust survey, 71% of people say that if they feel a brand is prioritizing profit over people, they will lose trust in that brand forever.

In the post-pandemic world, to trust a brand is to rely on them keeping their customers safe and hygienic when using their services or facilities. In trampoline parks and adventure parks, these challenges are intensified due to the nature of their businesses.

Thankfully, innovative solutions like our standard-setting trampoline airbag help businesses like Spartan Adventure Park rise to these challenges.

An Unconventional Start

Spartan Adventure Park
started life as a disused movie lounge in Arkansas, USA, before transforming into an indoor adventure park. Everett Stagg, the owner of the park, had visions of including a trampoline park, VR simulators, a ninja course, soft play, and five trampoline airbags.

In recent years, the park has been a popular destination for families and groups of friends looking to blow off some steam and have fun.

However, in attracting a high footfall and the challenges posed by Covid-19, the importance of providing an excellent customer experience was paramount.

Getting it Right the First Time

The management team at Spartan Adventure Park knew they had to address some industry-standard concerns from the get-go.

Investing in a disused movie theatre was a gamble. So, for it to pay off, new ideas and innovation were needed.

From a safety point of view, there had to be a better solution. The old foam pits filled with blocks had a quicksand effect, which the team felt was a danger for younger customers.

The foam pits also had another drawback, which was exacerbated during the pandemic. The foam blocks in the pit were just too hard to clean and left a fuzzy trail around the park. Spartan Adventure Park was calling out for a cleaner, safer, and more user-friendly alternative.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

Spartan Adventure Park was looking to stand out from the crowd to become the number one choice for trampoline parks and adventure activities indoors.

With the trampoline park industry expected to grow by 17.2% by 2030, Spartan needed to differentiate itself from its local competitors to help them rapidly grow and get ahead of the competition.

The best way to do that in a highly saturated market is to offer a unique selling point (USP).

Having seen the success of the BigAirBag® around the country and the huge benefits compared to foam pits, Spartan Adventure Park took the plunge and invested in a BigAirBag®.

Spartan Adventure Park was well on its way to becoming the leader in its field and setting the example for trampoline parks everywhere.

“We’re trying to set ourselves apart. I think as of right now, foam pits are the standard and we’ve seen that in the customers we’ve had. They want to know where the foam pits are, they have never seen airbags before.”

Brian Clark, General Manager – Spartan Adventure Park

Safety First

The BigAirBag® is one of the safest products of its kind. Provided with full safety training and certifications, this was a major factor in Spartan Adventure Park’s investment.

One of the biggest attractions for Spartan was the safety features and benefits. For starters, the built-in air pressure gauges and alarm systems offer a failsafe should any problems arise.

Sadly, the fire retardants used in foam pits create dust that can generate up to 6 times more hazardous flame retardant concentrations than average. This staggering revelation was an eye-opener for the team at Spartan Adventure Park.

The dust particles from the foam blocks are also associated with a list of health dangers, including thyroid problems and cancer. With customer safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind, these factors were real turning points for Spartan.

Stand Out From The Crowd

With so much competition for customers, Spartan Adventure Park recognized the BigAirBag® as the perfect way to set them apart and improve the customer experience.

The BigAirBag® is not only super fun and highly functional to use, but it allows them to create a memorable theme too.

The satin top sheet is customizable, meaning Spartan can add one displaying the venue’s branding for a professional touch or create a themed attraction to keep customers coming back for more.

Post-Pandemic Hygiene

With Spartan Adventure Park’s goal of “Clean. Safe. Ready to Play”, customer hygiene was at the top of their priority list. With the BigAirBag®, the anti-viral satin top sheet was a ready-made solution.

Having opened mid-pandemic, the team knew that they had absolute confidence in their hygiene safety standards. The satin top sheet is treated with an anti-viral substance to eliminate any bacteria and viruses. It’s the ultimate peace of mind.

The only other option was a foam pit, which was a headache to clean and offered no guarantee of hygiene standards. Removing every individual foam cube was time-consuming, unreliable, and required at least six employees for an hour a day to clean.

The substantial upgrade in facilities triggered by the new trampoline airbag saved time and expenditure when looking at the cleaning costs. The BigAirBag® really was the lift Spartan Adventure Park was seeking.

Impressing the Audience

Lastly, the investment in the BigAirBag® did wonders for the Spartan Adventure Park customer experience. The new trampoline airbag was far more child-friendly, with no struggles to get out of the foam pit or safety issues.

Despite the ongoing post-pandemic challenges, the BigAirBag® is helping them drive business and bring joy to both customers and staff!

“The staff love it. They love how easy it is to clean. But they also love diving in and laying on it!”

Brian Clark, General Manager – Spartan Adventure Park

“Our experience from the beginning up until now has been great. I don’t have to worry about the BigAirBag®. I think that’s my biggest takeaway. So many people fall on it, and I know it’s doing its job. The BigAirBag® has been a great experience overall for everyone.”

Brian Clark, General Manager – Spartan Adventure Park

Create a New Experience

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